Condoms In Short Supply

photo courtesy of Alex of @BYTEatDrink

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That was the scene at an area Safeway as DC residents are intent on screwing their way out of the snow. I’m just wondering, though: presented with a Birth Control aisle like that, do you buy the Magnums and hope, or do you find other means of making it through the shortage?

Who wants to bet we see a spike in births come November? …or maybe just an uptick in anti-biotic prescriptions in March?

Shelves are showing a good supply of lube, though. Make of that what you will.

The Editors of We Love DC would like to make sure you know that we are all for safe sex and don’t advocate unsafe sex, even under blizzard conditions. STDs suck, AIDS sucks, and unintended pregnancies can suck. Think about that for a second while you’re considering your options, mmkay?

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19 thoughts on “Condoms In Short Supply

  1. Just wanted to remind you all that in DC, condoms are free!!! Since DC govt is open, please google where you can find fre condoms. The people’s building on New York Ave NE is a good resource. Stock up! Please

  2. DCSnacks delivers a free condom with every order, they are usually open even when it is ugly out… They were open last night.

  3. Yes, I echo Lisa’s words, but not because of the storm/boredom. Instead, DC residents should stock up on condoms because of the city’s staggering AIDS rate, which sadly compares to that of third world countries.

  4. When I try to remember the things I like about DC, the five preceding comments remind me that amid all the political crap, there’s also a lot of really great folks living here…

  5. @ Matt
    “DCSnac delivers a free condom with every order”, damn lucky you , even in NYC , they don’t have that, storm or not.

    PS: Good supply of lube & shortage of condoms, means to me you guys wants screwing safely and roughley !

  6. for the past ten years the Balto-Wash metro area has been third highest in the nation in STDs. 1 in 3 sexually active adults in Washington DC is HIV positive, according to Dept of Health statistics.

  7. David said “1 in 3 sexually active adults in Washington DC is HIV positive”

    WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? DC’s HIV/AIDS rate is 3%…. It’s bad here, but its not even that bad in Swaziland. Stop trying to scare the shit out of people. This was supposed to be a funny post.

  8. unless you bring race into the equation, then the number is staggeringly high, something like 25% of black males are HIV positive.

  9. We have still thousands of condoms in stock, it’s our thing ;-) And we’ll bring them to you by post. So have a nice time this time ;-)

  10. This did NOT happen a couple of years ago with the big Colorado blizzard, or if it did, they weren’t used, because 9 months later, the hospitals were preparing for record numbers of expectant mothers all within a couple of says. Wish I had a news link.