Foggy Bottom Metro Escalator Fail (Again)

Those of you who ride Metro from Foggy Bottom Station, does this scene look familiar?

Remember how in 2008 Metro closed off an escalator and only had one escalator going down at rush hour, so that people escaped the overwhelming crush by running up the down escalator in a video (shot by yours truly) that made the local news? Suddenly WMATA cleaned up its act with regard to passenger traffic management, and for the next few weeks they turned off the escalators, assigned someone to guide counterflow, and put out advisories.

No such courtesies were extended this morning, almost as though WMATA only reacts when the news puts them on the spot — or a disaster kills people. Good thing there wasn’t a fire in the station this morning.

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4 thoughts on “Foggy Bottom Metro Escalator Fail (Again)

  1. Shocking…no, not really

    Judiciary Square had only one working at rush hour on the way home a few weeks ago.

    Was absolute chaos

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