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Nats take night off against Houston, drop game 8-2

Livan Hernandez looks disgusted with himself
Photo by Cheryl Nichols/Nats News Network

The Nationals appeared to have left their collective team heart elsewhere Monday night when playing the Houston Astros in Washington. It’s painfully obvious at this point in September that whatever underdog grit this team had after going 20-15 to start the season is long gone.

Livan Hernandez looked sharp on the mound retiring all six of the first batters he faced, but that two inning no-hitter took a turn for the worst with some deplorable defensive plays in the fifth. The worst of it all is that the Nationals scored two runs in the top of the first. They were winning to start things off but couldn’t hold on for dear life.

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Smoke at Dupont Circle Metro

DC Fire/EMS on Twitter reports smoke at the Q Street NW entrance to Dupont Circle Metro on the Red Line — also site of this morning’s Escalator Fail. That entrance to the station is now closed and emergency responders are on the scene.

Update: Update from DC Fire/EMS: Dupont Circle Metro – Metro Mechanics on scene – situation under control – Station Open – DC F&EMS clearing scene – no injuries

In the attached video, courtesy Twitterer jaredev (view it larger after the jump) we have people being evacuated from the south station entrance, vaulting over the handrail due to a barricade in the way.

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You’re Out! No Wait, You’re In! No, Seriously, This Time You’re Out

Photo courtesy of
‘Washington, DC 2010 193’
courtesy of ‘giantminispacegoat’

George Washington University’s Admissions office made a ginormous blunder last week by wrongly sending out acceptance emails to about 200 early applicants who had already been rejected.  Admissions caught the mistake and sent out a retraction email a few hours later.

The cause? Well, according to GW’s Senior Vice President for Student and Academic Services Robert Chernak “the snow really slowed up the delivery of the acceptance packets.” So in an effort of timely communications, GW’s Executive Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, Kathy Napper, decided to send out a congratulatory email to those who had been accepted.  Unfortunately, somewhere along the communication line someone pressed the wrong button. Whoops!

To be fair this is not the first time a university (or business or individual for that matter) has incorrectly sent an email to the wrong distribution list.  Cornell University, New York University, UC San Diego, etc. have all had their own kerfuffles with  email deployments.

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Getting Home

Photo courtesy of

courtesy of ‘Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie’

So, I’m at work.  I decided to skip the trains and made it in with little hassle via Metrobus.  But, now I’m starting to worry about the commute home.  Granted, it’s still five hours off, but thinking about the mess that the Metro has been this morning makes me wonder if I should even bother trying to get out of the city.  I might just hunker down with a beer somewhere and wait this whole situation out.  Things should be resolved by 8ish, right?

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Oh DNC, That’s Just Dumb

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courtesy of ‘Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie’

Sure, DNC, we know you think you’ve got it all made, what with your 60 votes in the Senate and control of both houses of Congress and the White House, but could you please pay closer attention to your automated email?

I mean, we know that Congresswoman Norton is vote-less in the House, which is something that pains us on a regular basis, and that you have taken no concrete steps toward fixing through Constitutional Amendment. And we recognize the importance of the Health Care Reform Acts currently in front of the body, but do you have to remind us via email that residents of the District are voiceless in these matters?

Fail. Fail. Fail.

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Ban on Hand-Held Cell Phone Use by Drivers, Fail!

DC Cop on Cell Phone

Picture is a bit fuzz and of poor quality, but I caught a DC cop driving through Georgetown, while chatting away on his cell phone sans hands-free device.

Now while I’ll admit to being occasionally guilty of talking on my cell while driving, shouldn’t our cops be exemplars of the code of law?  Granted they’re only human, but come on!  The least they can obey common laws while on duty, in uniform and driving a police car!

In DC, I’ve seen specific police traps that target motorists on cell phones.  In fact, there’s often one not far from where this picture was taken. Surely, this cop has never been a part of those traps or ticketed anyone for cellphone violation that he himself is guilt of.  I mean that would just reek of hypocrisy.

A question that occurs to me is: Could another DC Cop ticket this guy for the violation?  Of course that would be a blatant violation of the Brotherhood of the Cop, but feasibly is that possible? Can an on duty officer receive a ticket?

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Oops… DC Scout FAIL.

DC Scout Fail

My friend Rebecca and I had a good laugh this morning when we both got our DC Scout monthly e-mail. Click the above picture to enlarge and you’ll see that the subject line of the email says “DC Scout Test Subject Line – CHANGE BEFORE ACTUAL MAILING” – oops. I’ve totally been there before.

I hope your day gets better, WaPo, cause we all know what it’s like to stick your foot in your virtual mouth. If you were my co-worker I’d say “at least it’s Friday soon” but uh, it’s not. At least there’s happy hour in like, oh, 8 hours? …Right?

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I don’t think that means…

…what you think it means.

Photo courtesy of Me

Whose convenience would that be?, courtesy of Me

You’ll have to click through to read it, but this Pentagon City meter I stopped at yesterday in order to go into the Costco (I’d rather pay to park on the street than deal with that free nightmare of a parking lot) says the following:


I guess everyone needs a bailout plan.

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Taxi by flickr user cupcakepanda

New Year’s Eve, my friends and I headed to a house party on Capitol Hill. Since we were all going to be enjoying our fair share of champagne, we decided to rely on taxis as our main transportation. Taxis were the best option, especially since the house we were going to was not accessible by Metro (not to mention ridiculous gusting winds and freezing temps). We were able to miraculously snag a Red Top Cab on our way to our house party, and decided to call Washington Regional Alcohol Program’s SoberRide to catch a safe (and free!) ride home.

For those of you unfamiliar with SoberRide, the program is aimed to reduce dui las vegas cases in the area. SoberRide provides free taxi rides (up to a $50 fare) to people 21 and over. This is a truly fantastic idea. Plus, from what I understand, they have the ability to act as a switchboard, and can direct you to a taxi company with availability. Continue reading

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Missing Tunnel Ad

Remember animated tunnel ads and how cool and innnovative it was to have moving pictures advertising stuff to you in Metro tunnels? I wonder why lately there hasn’t been a tunnel ad movie between Metro Center and Gallery Place? Are there just no clients? Was it because the novelty of it all just wasn’t enough to salvage Day Break and Speed Racer?

For now, there’s still a moving tunnel ad between Gallery Place and Judiciary Square. Right now it is the Quik Bunny telling you something about happy places, as shown in the video above.