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Oh DNC, That’s Just Dumb

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Sure, DNC, we know you think you’ve got it all made, what with your 60 votes in the Senate and control of both houses of Congress and the White House, but could you please pay closer attention to your automated email?

I mean, we know that Congresswoman Norton is vote-less in the House, which is something that pains us on a regular basis, and that you have taken no concrete steps toward fixing through Constitutional Amendment. And we recognize the importance of the Health Care Reform Acts currently in front of the body, but do you have to remind us via email that residents of the District are voiceless in these matters?

Fail. Fail. Fail.

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Norton “Disappointed” in Obama

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With the Voting Rights Bill on hold, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes-Norton has expressed some displeasure with President Obama over his unwillingness to help with the situation. According to WTOP’s Mark Segraves, she reached out to President Obama’s offices several times for assistance and got just the cold shoulder instead. Would Obama’s help have come in handy against the Ensign amendment? It’s possible, but I think that with major political capital projects like Health Care Reform, the Nationalization of General Motors, and TARP funds, he’s had other things to do.

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A Conversation with Eleanor Holmes Norton

IMG_2874Eleanor Holmes Norton, courtesy of Tom Bridge

This weekend, DC bloggers from DCist, Greater Greater Washington and We Love DC, amongst others, got a chance to sit down with DC’s Delegate to the Congress Eleanor Holmes Norton this past weekend and talk about DC Voting Rights, the recent support for Gay Marriage among the DC Council, and the sorry state of Park Service Parks in the District of Columbia, and about federal funding for transit in the city. Read on for the notes from our conversation with the Congresswoman1 Continue reading