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Drinks Smackdown! Norton vs. Colbert

Word on the Truthiness Beat is that Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton has challenged Stephen Colbert to down a shot of the lethal Norton’s Revenge, to be served to those truly courageous enough to knock back its brutal liquid force at The Passenger’s official happy hour event for the March to Keep Fear Alive.

From 3pm-7pm this Saturday, not only can you enjoy some seriously fun cocktails like the Tea Bagger (Kilbaggan whiskey, dry vermouth, and olive juice) or the Fear Monger (Kraken rum, lime and ginger beer) with 10% of sales going charity, you also just might witness the epic endgame between Norton and Colbert, whose battle royale has been waged not only in the name of comedy but also to help educate the country on the lack of voting representation for District residents.

So can you down a Norton’s Revenge, Colbert? Let’s see you sneer at DC now, huh? Take your medicine!

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Free HIV Testing Today, Rep. Norton to Get Tested

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‘HIV Test at 12th and Locust Streets’
courtesy of ‘techfun’

Without a doubt, HIV is a huge problem in the District. Huge. The rate of infection is nearly 10 times (that is TEN times) the national average. DC’s sole member of Congress, Rep. Holmes Norton (D-DC), has always made HIV awareness and prevention an important topic and she continues to do so today as she co-hosts and attends a free HIV testing event. The mobile station will be setup at New Jersey Ave and C St. SE from 12:00pm to 3:00pm today. She will also be holding a press conference to draw extra attention to the situation as well as the free testing in recognition of National HIV Testing Day this Sunday.

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Rep. Norton Praises Nobel Award

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courtesy of ‘Ghost_Bear’

DC’s sole member of Congress, Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, issued a press release today remarking on the President’s surprise Nobel Peace Prize award this morning, saying “Obama Redeems Diplomatic Leadership and Re-Establishes America on World Stage” as a result of the award.

The world is abuzz right now over this award and whether it was appropriate and/or deserved and many mocking the award have commented that Obama received it merely for not being named George W. Bush. Rep. Norton makes her case for this being appropriate by pointing out how Obama’s views and approach differ from the previous administration – which is almost the same thing as saying “he’s not Bush”, albeit in a more diplomatic fashion.

(Full press release after the jump)

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Rep. Norton, Residents Discuss Health Care Despite Lack of Vote

Rep. Norton at health care town hall
Photo courtesy of Karl Johnson

DC residents: You have no vote in the House of Representatives. You have no vote in the Senate. You have no official say on how the health care insurance system will be reformed. You are second class citizens, according to Congress, because you live in the home of the federal government. But fortunately your Congresswoman, Eleanor Holmes Norton, doesn’t let that lack of a vote stop her from reaching out to constituents or trying to influence her fellow members on these incredibly important decisions. Last night Norton held a “Fact Check” town hall meeting in the auditorium of the Department of Commerce on 14th and Constitution NW. With between 200-250 people in attendance, about half of the capacity of the venue, the event was focused on answering constituent questions with a panel of medical and insurance experts and did not include long speeches.

Before turning it over for constituent stories and questions, Norton opened up the evening with a 15 minute statement about how the event would be run, which included her saying that DC residents are “The most civil people in the United States.” I initially thought this was simply wishful thinking, but after the next two hours went by without a single person yelling, screaming or insulting anyone, I’ll have to agree with the Congresswoman on this one. At least from the perspective of a town hall meeting on the lightning rod issue that is health care reform; especially after covering the Rep. Moran (D-VA) town hall event a few weeks ago. Now the event was held in a federal building with very tight security and more armed police and federal agents than you could count surrounding the area, only those living in the District were able to attend, and signs were not permitted at all past the door, but it still was a very positive representation of political civility by attendees and should make all DC residents proud.

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A Conversation with Eleanor Holmes Norton

IMG_2874Eleanor Holmes Norton, courtesy of Tom Bridge

This weekend, DC bloggers from DCist, Greater Greater Washington and We Love DC, amongst others, got a chance to sit down with DC’s Delegate to the Congress Eleanor Holmes Norton this past weekend and talk about DC Voting Rights, the recent support for Gay Marriage among the DC Council, and the sorry state of Park Service Parks in the District of Columbia, and about federal funding for transit in the city. Read on for the notes from our conversation with the Congresswoman1 Continue reading