Free HIV Testing Today, Rep. Norton to Get Tested

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‘HIV Test at 12th and Locust Streets’
courtesy of ‘techfun’

Without a doubt, HIV is a huge problem in the District. Huge. The rate of infection is nearly 10 times (that is TEN times) the national average. DC’s sole member of Congress, Rep. Holmes Norton (D-DC), has always made HIV awareness and prevention an important topic and she continues to do so today as she co-hosts and attends a free HIV testing event. The mobile station will be setup at New Jersey Ave and C St. SE from 12:00pm to 3:00pm today. She will also be holding a press conference to draw extra attention to the situation as well as the free testing in recognition of National HIV Testing Day this Sunday.

Rep. Norton released a statement today, which included the following quote:

“One-third of D.C. residents may be unaware that they are infected. Getting tested as a community each year on National HIV Testing Day is useful to help eliminate the stigma and fear of learning your HIV status.”

The test is a simple oral swab and gets you results in just twenty minutes. No going home and waiting for a phone call from the lab, this is quick and easy. If you think HIV testing is something only needed for those that are frequently unsafe or…um…get around, you are wrong. It only takes once and nobody is immune. Know your status, get tested!

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