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You’re Out! No Wait, You’re In! No, Seriously, This Time You’re Out

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‘Washington, DC 2010 193’
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George Washington University’s Admissions office made a ginormous blunder last week by wrongly sending out acceptance emails to about 200 early applicants who had already been rejected.  Admissions caught the mistake and sent out a retraction email a few hours later.

The cause? Well, according to GW’s Senior Vice President for Student and Academic Services Robert Chernak “the snow really slowed up the delivery of the acceptance packets.” So in an effort of timely communications, GW’s Executive Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, Kathy Napper, decided to send out a congratulatory email to those who had been accepted.  Unfortunately, somewhere along the communication line someone pressed the wrong button. Whoops!

To be fair this is not the first time a university (or business or individual for that matter) has incorrectly sent an email to the wrong distribution list.  Cornell University, New York University, UC San Diego, etc. have all had their own kerfuffles with  email deployments.