Local Girl from “The Bachelor” Up for Auction

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In case you missed her from the most recent season of The Bachelor, Ashley Elmore, a high school teacher in Fairfax, made it to the second round of the huge hit dating show just a few months ago (I admit, I watched most of it, but please don’t tell anyone that, seriously). She grabbed TV land’s attention when she put on her sexy classic flight attendant’s costume for Jake. Unfortunately, the costume didn’t quite get the job done for her. No worries Ashley fans, she’s not done trying to find love. Ashley is putting herself out there one more time and going up for bid at what has become DC’s hot trendy way to raise dollah dollah bills – a date auction! Not that I…um…have any experience with such things, but I hear they are lots of fun.

She’s a beautiful local girl with a PhD AND an MBA? Hit up the ATM or grab your checkbook, she’ll be going for big bucks. But it’s a great cause, so don’t be cheap. Joining her are at least 10 other well rounded bachelors and bachelorettes you can buy a date with by hitting up Front Page in Ballston this Saturday at 7:30. Preview the auctionees here. $10 at the door, as a friendly donation, and the proceeds from the date auction, as well as the silent auction for goodies, will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, specifically to help a young lady named Beka who is battling Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia. Do a good deed and get a date with a hottie at the same time – win win win.

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