2010 National Mutt Census Fails DC Dogs

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This really rubs me the wrong way. The 2010 National Mutt Census, intended for mixed-breed dogs only, allows DC mutt owners to submit their data, but when it comes time to locate DC on the U.S. map and see the summary of DC mutt statistics, it’s missing.  Guess DC must have gotten lost in the Mists of Avalon or Bermuda Triangle, or something. I can’t even tell you how frustrated I was trying to navigate my mouse over the little iotas of map pixels between MD and VA. I was really hoping DC was lurking in their somewhere, but no, we’re not.

So I’ve written to the 2010 National Mutt Census, pointing out our lack of map presence and I’m hoping they will/can put us on the map. You too can help by writing Mars Veterinary (the owner of the site who BTW is located nearby Gaithersburg, MD – I mean, seriously, how did they forget DC?!!) to ask that DC mutts be represented in census.

Fail. 2010 National Mutt Census. Fail.

Rebecca Johnson

A born and bred New Yorker, Rebecca made the big trip “down south” to DC in 2006 and hasn’t looked back. She spends her days strategizing/planning/ideating how interactive products can help her clients and change the world. In her free time, she explores DC’s ever expanding bar, restaurant and small business scene, plays a crap ton of soccer, attends concerts that contribute to her sleep deprivation and embarks on local adventures. Read why Rebecca loves DC or follow her on twitter.

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9 thoughts on “2010 National Mutt Census Fails DC Dogs

  1. Rebecca,

    What can we say… that whole taxation without representation situation with DC must have clouded our minds when we launched the National Mutt Census. We meant to have a link for DC stats, but it somehow fell on the development floor. Thanks for pointing this out to us. As you experienced though, you are indeed able to list a dog from DC, we just forgot to turn on the method for seeing the results. We are working feverishly on rectifying this oversight.

    We love all mutts and want them all to be counted. DC dogs will have their woofs be heard soon.

    Thanks for paw-ticipating!

    Mutt Census Top Dog

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  3. Hugo,

    Thanks so much for getting back to me. I definitely still filled out the Census.

    Thanks for working to put DC on the map!


  4. Rebecca,

    One more update… the DC call-out is now back where it should have been. We’re tweaking it further this weekend to make sure all of DC’s dogs are not only counted but are represented. Mutts rule!

    Mutt Census Top Dog

  5. This is not really a census, but a way for Mars (yes, the candy bar company) to sell their DOG DNA test. Look at the first question. They ask if you had your dog tested by them. While it is a slight against DC, it is just a thinly disguised advertising campaign. Don’t go for it.

  6. @Press Yes, the 2010 National Mutt Census is sponsored by Mars, their association and sponsorship of the census is not hidden or thinly disguised. In fact, Mars’ sponsorship is clearly listed above the fold of the website. ]

    And while, yes, one of the survey questions does ask if you’ve used Mars’ WisdomPanel DNA dog test and there is a WisdomPanel product offer, census participants are not obligated to buy the product or opt-in to Mars’ communication stream.

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  8. Rebecca,
    Yes, but you didn’t answer the question. Is this an advertising campaign? Plain and simple. I believe the answer is a clear yes and as a local company (yet secretive) they should know better and not slight DC.

  9. Press,

    Yes, it’s an advertising campaign. However, it’s a softly branded/sell campaign in that you don’t have to purchase or opt in for communications to participate.

    In order for the Mutt Census, and other forms interactive content to exist, there needs to be some sort of financial backing. URL purchases, site hosting, backend databases, etc. don’t come for free and neither does the time needed for design and development.