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2010 National Mutt Census Fails DC Dogs

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This really rubs me the wrong way. The 2010 National Mutt Census, intended for mixed-breed dogs only, allows DC mutt owners to submit their data, but when it comes time to locate DC on the U.S. map and see the summary of DC mutt statistics, it’s missing.  Guess DC must have gotten lost in the Mists of Avalon or Bermuda Triangle, or something. I can’t even tell you how frustrated I was trying to navigate my mouse over the little iotas of map pixels between MD and VA. I was really hoping DC was lurking in their somewhere, but no, we’re not.

So I’ve written to the 2010 National Mutt Census, pointing out our lack of map presence and I’m hoping they will/can put us on the map. You too can help by writing Mars Veterinary (the owner of the site who BTW is located nearby Gaithersburg, MD – I mean, seriously, how did they forget DC?!!) to ask that DC mutts be represented in census.

Fail. 2010 National Mutt Census. Fail.

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DC Loves Labs … And Yorkies Too!

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American Kennel Club announced their 2009 list of the country’s most popular dogs. Lucky for us, they broke down their lists for each particular state (or in our case, the District).

DC’s most popular breeds include:

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. Yorkshire Terrier
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Poodle
  5. Bulldog/Dachshund/Shih Tzu (These dogs tied for fifth.)

What do you think? Does this list hold true? Is your dog not represented in this top 5? Shout it out in the comments and give your pup credit where credit is due (aka mad love for being super cute)!

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Good People Save Animals

Mysterious Ultra-Cute Dog Sitting Up
Mysterious Ultra-Cute Dog Sitting Up in Arlington

You don’t hate cute puppies and kittens, do you? You enjoy a fine brew from time to time, right? Prove it! Come out tomorrow night, Thursday, to Mister Day’s in Clarendon for a low-dollar fundraiser for Homeward Trails Animal Rescue! The suggested donation is only $10 and you will make that up in drink specials anyway. From 6-9pm, a mere $2.50 gets you pretty much any beer, draft or bottle, AND rail drinks. For you classy types, $3 gets you wine. Top it off with $5 pizza and pasta and you’ve got a great night!

It’s for the animals. It’s a good cause. Dogs are awesome and cats are not so bad themselves. Plus, Homeward Trails has something called a “kitty city”. Have you put this in your calendar yet? I’ll make it easy for ya…click here to add it right to your Google calendar! See you there.

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For the Love of Cats, Dogs and…Sushi

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On the same week that doggie Molly is returned to her rightful owner, two area animal rescue groups are holding fundraisers — oddly enough, both with sushi.

Tomorrow, if you eat at Sushi-Zen Restaurant in Arlington, mention Homeward Trails, and 20 percent of your check’s proceeds will help dogs and cats find permanent homes. Join their free Royalty Rewards program to donate an additional $5.00.

This Sunday afternoon is Bark & Bubbles, with sushi and bubbly drinks for the humans, ice cream, doggie treats and pet caricatures. The Washington Animal Rescue League will benefit from this event at WagTime Pet Spa & Boutique, which will offer same-day discounts to guests.