French Pres. Stops By Ben’s for a Bite

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When visiting Paris, it could be considered culturally appropriate to pick up a crepe or a glass of wine. But, if you’re French president Nicholas Sarkozy or First Lady Carla Bruni and you are visiting DC, you do the right thing: you stop by Ben’s Chili Bowl for lunch. Reliable Source has reported that Mrs. Sarkozy-Bruni had the famous half-smoke while President Sarkozy went with the chili burger; his two sons also joined and grabbed burgers at the U. St establishment.

I’m not up on my diplomacy protocols, but given that Obama doesn’t even get to eat for free, I do not believe the Cosby exemption is transferable. Not sure what international custom related to the Ben’s standard may be – I just hope they didn’t fill up before dinner with President Obama this evening.

Update: There are now photos and video of the experience.

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3 thoughts on “French Pres. Stops By Ben’s for a Bite

  1. Actually, the entire Obama family is on the short list of those that get to eat for fee (together with Cosby). Actually had dinner there last night and saw the revised sign myself.