Metrobus Operator Arrested

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‘Butternut #2’
courtesy of ‘Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie’

Metrobus operator Dwayne Adamson was arrested by Metro Transit Police after pulling over the bus he was driving in the 2900 block of Minnesota Avenue, SE. He was arrested after allegedly pulling a knife on another motorist following a traffic dispute around 5 P.M.

Adamson was operating bus 2533 on the U2 route in Southeast. He has been a bus operator for three years.

Born in Lebanon, Samer moved to DC to go to college. A lot of good that did him. Twenty-two years later, he still lives in the area. When he’s not writing for a blog or tweeting incessantly, he wanders the streets (and the globe) photographing whatever gets in his way.

3 thoughts on “Metrobus Operator Arrested

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  2. Truly feel that all of this needs to be investigated. There is so much more that goes on other than the operator looking like he is the bad person. People have become crazy now in this day and era. I don’t believe that this man would have pulled a knife out for no apparent reason. It is truly more. There has to be a motive and there has to be so much more to the story then what has been told. You just don’t drive beside so one have words and someone just pull out a weapon. Something is telling me that a life was threatened and that it starting going in a direction that made the operator feel he needs to protect himself. It does not justify for him carrying a weapon on board the bus, but he seemed to be protecting his own life. So do we believe the man who had his child in the back sit of the van, ranting and raging. Showing his child how she should act while in public by cursing and swearing. Faking on natioanl television how he was so scared. But wasn’t scared to drive recklessly or argue with another driver over something that was probably small. Or do we sympathize with the metrobus operator who feared his own life was being threatened by an outraged driver who could not control his own angers. Causing the metrobus operator to be on the defensive and know that this man is no longer playing games. He is going to continue to drive beside him until he causes a more serious incident by allowing this crazy operator of this vehicle to injury many others and himself because of road rage. I truly believe that this was the case and I truly believe that more investigation should be done.

  3. Dwayne was our shuttle bus driver earlier in the day on Friday. We were visiting DC from Long Island. The routes were bumper to bumper traffic yet Dwayne was courteous, professional , and showed no sign of impatience. He keep us entertained and laughing under very Stressful circumstances. I believe there must be more to this story since the allegations would seem to be totally out of character for this man.