New Bus Service Links U Street to Brooklyn (Win a Ticket to Try It Out!)

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“Don’t hate on us. Don’t hate just because we might be cool or choose to live in a creative, vibrant neighborhood,” implores Shalonda Hunter, founder of The Know It Express a new bus service between Brooklyn and DC. You might have heard it casually called “the hipster bus” – but it’s owner has a more inclusive, positive concept.

“The whole idea is to help people from both cities appreciate what the other has to offer – and connect people with their pals, where they live.” Check out Dingo Bus a leading charter and coach hire service Perth Australia. Get a cost effective travel solution – contact Dingo Bus today!

Ms. Hunter originally founded The Know It as a DC tourist-information site (now in transition to more of a traveler’s social network) after years of work in the city and a deep desire to show off both the major tourist sites, but also the personal, hometown side of DC. Even if tourists make their way off the Mall, she says, “There is more to this town than a stop at Ben’s Chili Bowl. I want to show people that.”
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Blue Bus is now Circulator

Georgetown Blue Bus / Circulator Notice

Hey Rosslyn, Georgetown, Dupont: notice anything different transit-wise? As of today, the Georgetown Metro Connection (AKA the “Blue Bus”) has switched over to the DC Circulator (AKA the “Red Bus”). The route and stops are the same, but the buses are different, and now you can use Smartrip. And the really good news is that most of the old Blue Bus drivers have also been moved over to driving Circulators, so they haven’t lost their jobs in the switchover.

One major change to watch out for, however: the Rosslyn stop has moved across 19th St to the Georgetown University shuttle pickup point. That sucks a bit since you now have to cross a street if you’re coming from Rosslyn Metro

More from TBD Neighborhoods.

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Featured Photo

Hottest Day of the Year by Matt.Dunn

Ah, DC, your perseverance never ceases to amaze me.  Just when I start thinking that you’re a bunch of wimps, you go and do something to prove me wrong.  It seems that no matter what gets thrown your way, you fight back.  You’re fighters, not lovers, and on top of that you’re rich and smart!

Is Congress still refusing to give you a vote and treating you like second class citizens?  No worries – I know you’ll find a way to get up in their grill and make yourselves heard.  Is Metro raising its fares on you during tough economic times?  Hah, you’ll show them.  Is Mother Nature churning out record temperatures and throwing storms at you that knock your power out?  Bring it!  You just take your clothes off and ride around on a diesel powered, air conditioned bus.  Is Matt Dunn shooting you with his old school cameras and lighting you up with his fill flash?  Well, it appears you have no answer for that, but it’s OK.  Really.  It’s OK.

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Metrobus Operator Arrested

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Metrobus operator Dwayne Adamson was arrested by Metro Transit Police after pulling over the bus he was driving in the 2900 block of Minnesota Avenue, SE. He was arrested after allegedly pulling a knife on another motorist following a traffic dispute around 5 P.M.

Adamson was operating bus 2533 on the U2 route in Southeast. He has been a bus operator for three years.

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Get On This Bus: Fresh Food for All

Courtesy of Farm to Family

Courtesy of Farm to Family

Here’s a heartwarming video for a snowy day.

Yesterday, the BBC ran a piece on The Farm to Family Bus, a farmers market on wheels that serves neighborhoods in Richmond, often in low-income areas, that don’t have easy access to grocery stores and quality, organic food.

The piece also highlights Josh Viertel, president of Slow Food USA (and there’s a DC chapter), speaking to a group of slow food advocates in DC.

A great idea, that — to bring healthy food to those who may need it most.

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If You Biked To Work, You’d Be Home By Now

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We all love to complain about our commutes– by Metro, by car, and by bus— and we all think that we have it worse than most people.   Well, the folks at Bike Arlington think that biking is usually the most efficient way to get around in the city, and they’re willing to put it to the test.

If you start or end your commute in Arlington, tell Bike Arlington about it– where you commute, what mode of transportation you use, and how long it typically takes– and they’ll tell you if it’d be faster to bike to work.  They’ll ride your route on bike, time it, and tell you if it beats your current commute.  How great is that?

I’ve always wondered if biking would be faster than a typical Metro commute, and this is the perfect opportunity to try it out without having to figure out a route for yourself.  Stay tuned for updates on Bike Arlington’s twitter page, and keep an eye out as a WeLoveDC author puts her hellish commute to the test!

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WMATA Back to Strength

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Not Full strength, mind you, as Metro Access is closed today except for medical trips for dialysis, etc, but buses and trains are all running today, to all stations. They dug out 106 miles of track below the 8″ mark to let trains pass safely, and thanks to the works of the DDOT Plows, the bus routes are clear enough for passage. Be safe out there.

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DC Mythbusting: Metro’s Most Crowded

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DC has a great Metro system: it’s (generally) reliable, clean, fast, and connects many major destinations in the city.  But we love to complain about our commutes– being crammed like sardines on the train, being stuck in Metro stations so full that you can’t even get down the escalator to the platform, and having buses pass right by your stop because they’re already packed to the brim with riders.  Experiences like these make many people think that they’ve got it worse than anyone else in the area– that they’re stuck riding the busiest line, getting off at the busiest station, or riding the busiest bus.  But there’s a lot of misinformation out there about Metro’s most crowded lines, stations, and buses, so I’m going to set things straight this week.

Most Crowded Metro Line: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overheard Orange line riders complain that they’re stuck riding the busiest line.  Most of these Metro riders are on the train between Ballston and L’Enfant Plaza, which definitely is the busiest section of the Orange line, with people packed into Metro trains that are sometimes too full to even board.  But does the Orange line really have it the worst? Continue reading

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Metro to Pull In $25m for Ballston Property

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The Metro board is expected to approve the sale of the Ballston bus garage property for $25 million at their 9/24 meeting. At just over 4 acres, it will become part of the property that will be home to the new DARPA building. Check out the past WLDC article about the building here. Talk about a way to make some quick cash! Does this mean no fare increases for a few years? Hah. Right.

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Don’t Miss the Big Green Bus

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The Big Green Bus is coming to Saturday’s Bethesda Big Train baseball game. This summer, 15 Dartmouth students are driving this bus, powered by waste vegetable oil, across the country to raise awareness and spur action on climate change.

You can see them at the 7:30 p.m. game at Shirley Povich Field in Cabin John Regional Park. Wear your Bethesda Green t-shirt, or buy one there, and you can get a free ticket as long as their supply lasts.

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Superior Blockage

Superior Blockage
Originally uploaded by brownpau

This is from yesterday afternoon. Hey Superior Tours of Baltimore, MD, thanks for blocking the K Street crosswalk to Washington Harbour so thoroughly that I had to walk about halfway to Key Bridge just to get around the back, where I was promptly blown with hot bus exhaust.

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“I wasn’t expecting to come home to a bus in my apartment.”

A Metrobus crashed into an Alexandria apartment last night. No one was injured as the resident wasn’t home and the driver had just offloaded his passengers due to a door problem — just before the bus started rolling away — but both apartment and bus appear to have been totalled. WJLA has more, and here’s some video of the scene from Associated Press:

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Open Top: Closed Shuttle

From WaPo: Open Top Sightseeing, purveyors of double-decker bus tours, has suspended its Nationals shuttle service after two people were killed standing on the upper deck as the bus went through an underpass.

Condolences go out to the families of those killed.

It’s unclear if there was sufficient clearance for the bus, or if the two guys who died were standing on the floor or on their seats, and the whole thing is being investigated; but I think we can all agree: don’t stand while riding the upper deck, and if you are standing, for heaven’s sake please sit down if you see a tunnel or bridge approaching.