Blue Bus is now Circulator

Georgetown Blue Bus / Circulator Notice

Hey Rosslyn, Georgetown, Dupont: notice anything different transit-wise? As of today, the Georgetown Metro Connection (AKA the “Blue Bus”) has switched over to the DC Circulator (AKA the “Red Bus”). The route and stops are the same, but the buses are different, and now you can use Smartrip. And the really good news is that most of the old Blue Bus drivers have also been moved over to driving Circulators, so they haven’t lost their jobs in the switchover.

One major change to watch out for, however: the Rosslyn stop has moved across 19th St to the Georgetown University shuttle pickup point. That sucks a bit since you now have to cross a street if you’re coming from Rosslyn Metro

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3 thoughts on “Blue Bus is now Circulator

  1. I had never taken the blue bus from the Dupont Circle stop before, so I was totally confused when I asked the Express guy where the stop was, got there, and saw a Circulator sign. I really could have used some duel signage for the five minutes when I stood out there by myself wondering if the bus I needed would come. But some other people showed up, and also got excited when a big shiny Circulator rolled up. Hooray!

  2. DDOT has also rerouted the Union Station/Georgetown route on the Georgetown end, yet I haven’t been able to find any information on the new route. Am I missing an obvious link?

    My driver said it was a permanent change that started yesterday. The bus stops at 22nd, no longer stops at 24th, 25th, or 28th, then stops at 30th & K (instead of the old 30th & M stop). Not sure what happens after that since it is my stop. DDOT needs to update the website & Where’s My Bus – it does not reflect any of these changes.

  3. @Kate

    I, too, was really confused about the new Union/Gtown route. I asked the @dccirculator on twitter and here was the reply:

    “the Union Sta-Gtown rt now enters Gtown on lower K St. Last stop in Foggy Btm is now at 22nd/Penn then express to Gtown”

    I couldn’t a mention of this on the website, but maybe I overlooked it as well.