MD Portion of I-95 Makes Top 5 Best Roads in US

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According to Reader’s Digest, the stretch of I-95 between Baltimore, MD and Elkton, MD is one of the top 5 best roads in America. Now, I’m not one to rip on a Maryland highway, but in all of America I-95 made the list? Seriously?  I’m thinking that MD I-95 making the list has more to do with the relief drivers experience on this road because they’ve just battled through Delaware and Baltimore-DC I-95 traffic than it does with highway’s scenery.

Rebecca Johnson

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2 thoughts on “MD Portion of I-95 Makes Top 5 Best Roads in US

  1. I’ve been on it countless times and it doesn’t bore me. It is typically well paved and signed. The only thing I wish it had was right exit/flyovers to the service areas which are the best I’ve ever used. Well that and button copy signs, but those are never coming back, anywhere.

    Maryland seems to realize that this is how many people experience the state, so they make it as good as they can. The foliage can be quite good in the fall too.

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