You can Drink Your Coffee Naked, After All!

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The Fairfax Court of Appeals has ruled that it is legal to be naked in your own home.  You may remember that a few months ago a neighbor saw Eric Williamson through a window walking around his house naked, enjoying some coffee.  Said neighbor called the cops, who burst into Williamson’s Springfield home with guns drawn and arrested him.  A District Court judge convicted Williamson of indecent exposure a few months back, but he appealed and won. Jurors described the proceedings as comical, stating that acquittal was an easy decision.  Justice prevails!

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2 thoughts on “You can Drink Your Coffee Naked, After All!

  1. Yeah but this guy will have ended up spending thousands -maybe $10K+ to have to have taken this to appeal. He shouldn’t have had to spend all the money and time on this. This should have been thrown out the first go round

  2. Agreed, namllih! I’d sue the busy-body woman that reported him for his court costs.