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It’s pretty weird when it becomes your beat to cover Redskins Quarterback signings, but I’m the new guy around here and not exactly partial to any specific NFL team, so why not provide this service given how much news there has been this off-season? In just the last few days, the Redskins traded away Jason Campbell, who has been the starter in town for most of the past three seasons, and signed an undrafted rookie out of Penn State, Daryll Clark. It’s getting confusing to follow, so here’s an idea of the depth chart at QB, with info about NFL service time and how each signal-caller got to the team:

  • Donovan McNabb, (entering 12th NFL season, acquired from Philadelphia via trade on April 4, 2010)
  • Rex Grossman (entering 8th NFL season, signed as free agent on March 17, 2010, last played with Houston in 2009)
  • Colt Brennan (entering 3rd NFL season, 6th round draft pick by the Redskins, 186th overall, in 2008 NFL draft)
  • Daryll Clark (entering rookie NFL season, signed as undrafted free agent after 2010 draft)
  • Richard Bartel (entering 4th NFL season, signed with Dallas as undrafted free agent after 2007 draft, signed to Redskins practice squad in November 2009)

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One thought on “Name That Redskins Quarterback

  1. Grossman is a backup and that is it. McNabb getting hurt is not that far-fetched so getting Rex ready really should be a priority