Can You Name A Supreme Court Justice? Two-Thirds of Americans Can’t

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Earlier today, we learned about some of the history of the Hill and the former home of President John Adams. How about some more current events regarding the Capitol and surrounding area? Don noted that the Tunnicliffe’s mentioned in the History Channel report was not in fact the bar, but a building just about on the site of the current Supreme Court building. So, while we’re on the topic, can you name the nine current Supreme Court justices?

Recently, wanted to find out just how many Americans knew the answer to that question. The results weren’t pretty: only 35 percent correctly identified even one, and less than one percent could name all nine. Generally speaking, it’s a political crowd here in the District, so if you stacked us up against the field, you’d hope that we’d fair better than the entire country. Conspiracy theory: perhaps a lot of the folks asked were still scarred from a certain chapter in Jon Stewart’s America (The Book) to get their thoughts together when asked point blank…?

Finally, let the record show that I have no prize for whomever comments first with the full list of justices.

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3 thoughts on “Can You Name A Supreme Court Justice? Two-Thirds of Americans Can’t

  1. Sotomayor, Alito, Roberts, Breyer, Ginsburg, Thomas, Kennedy, Scalia, Stevens. Okay, where’s my non-prize?

  2. I could do seven — forgot Alito and Stevens. I knew I was forgetting on of the Bush appointees, at least.

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