Is The Washington Post Revealing Government Intelligence Contractors Next Week?

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courtesy of ‘bhrome’

According to a memo from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence acquired by Erick Erickson of Red State, there may be a few landmark stories about government contractors appearing in next week’s pages of the Washington Post. The memo from ODNI serves as a waiver to the  “corporations and individuals who do work to assist the security of the country” that the articles are coming and could reveal information such as who does intelligence work for the government and the type of work in which they are engaged.

In addition to stories, there also seems to be some sort of interactive feature coming to the paper’s website that will detail the links between agencies and contractors. Pentagon Papers, this probably isn’t, but it’s still a sensitive topic that will serve as some good ink space during the normally quiet summer months of Washington, D.C.

We’ll look to the papers come Monday to see what kind of news is exactly on the horizon. Stay tuned…

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