DC Central Kitchen vandalized, needs your help

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DC Central Kitchen is just about as big a pillar in this community as there is.  They work with people who absolutely need help with job training, and they teach them how to work in kitchens across the metropolitan area.  They train hundreds of people every year and work to get them jobs.  In this economy, that’s about the closest thing to sainthood as you can find.  Last night, some people vandalized their vans, doing hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, of damage to the vehicles they use to feed the homeless in DC.

It took hours today for DC Police to respond to repeated calls to come examine the crime scene, which crippled their morning deliveries with the fleet of vans, which is equally frustrating.  Who does this?  Who goes after someone who does this kind of work?  I can’t explain it.  There are some saying it could be a Rush Limbaugh supporter who didn’t take kindly to their video flipping the radio host off.  It’s entirely possible that it’s a disgruntled former student, too. In any event, perhaps take this moment to show them some appreciation?

We have great community service in this town, and in the face of travesties like this, we must show them our support.

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2 thoughts on “DC Central Kitchen vandalized, needs your help

  1. I volunteered at DC Central Kitchen a couple of weeks ago. It’s a phenomenal operation, and I now know firsthand what it takes to do the prep work for just a single breakfast. Grueling! They do amazing work, feeding the homeless, training and placing recovering substance abusers and the homeless for careers in the food industry — and, now, also providing schoolchildren with healthful meals in seven DC schools.

    If you can afford to donate, please do! If you don’t have the money to spare, donate your time.

  2. Can you believe it? I got in trouble at work for reading your blog. Not because of the content, but because I was supposed to be, well, working! Don’t they realize I need to be able to break up the monotony of my day by checking in and reading the latest and greatest posts here? I don’t want to miss a word.