DC Central Kitchen’s founder on the value of nonprofits

You may have heard last week (or maybe you didn’t)  that a certain well-known talk radio personality referred to employees of non-profits as “lazy idiots” and “rapists in terms of finance and economy.” I have no particular interest in commenting on this radio personality in general, but Robert Egger, founder of DC Central Kitchen, took it upon himself to examine the question of whether nonprofit employees are indeed lazy, idiotic rapists.

I commend this video to you with no comment except the following:

DC Central Kitchen is a fine organization that does a lot of great work in our city. Should you feel moved to support its lazy, idiotic mission of feeding the hungry, providing job training and placement, and raping the economy, it’s convenient to donate online.

The Bridge family has donated, and We Love DC is proud to dedicate our Friday morning feature slot to showcasing the work of DC Central Kitchen.

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