Bones fails the “Local” test

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NBC Washington got caught up on the Anacostia misrepresentation on last week’s Bones and highlighted some of the delightfully laughable problems with their characterization of the neighborhood as prostitution-heavy, gang-violence-heavy and “seedy”:

“It’s also a historic neighborhood that is in the midst of a renaissance, with new businesses opening and new housing coming in, but that wouldn’t be as dramatic.”

Well, since when have the facts ever stopped Fox from deeply and terribly misappropriating DC’s geography for shits and giggles? I mean, 24 did a whole season of screwed up things here, so I have to ask: why is it that we expect Hollywood to do anything decent in this area?

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2 thoughts on “Bones fails the “Local” test

  1. On an episode of Criminal Minds a few seasons ago, a character takes the metro from Georgetown to Quantico. Neat trick that had us laughing.

  2. To be honest, Anacostia scares me. We were driving around the Navy Yard area and wanted ice cream, and the closest place was in Anacostia, but as soon as we crossed the river, we turned around…
    It might be trying to get on its feet, going through a “renaissance” as you say, but that doesn’t mean it’s there yet. I live north of H Street, and it’s still a dodgy place too, despite all the rejuvenation efforts.