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24 in DC: Episode 21 (6:00 to 8:00)

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It’s the last midnight, folks. In two more hours, Jack Bauer will have saved the world, cured Mad Cow, and destroyed more DC geography than the Canadians did when they burned down the White House. We’re here for snark, alcohol and a bit of group therapy. Join in!

Li’l Taylor is giving a statement to the DoJ about Jonas’ murder. Just a formality, she is assured.

President Woman President lays down the exposition about why finding that last canister isn’t the end of the danger, after all. Oh hey, they’re in dire need of sleep, just like every season of 24. Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode 20 (5:00a to 6:00a)

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Well, it’s that time again: time to mock the terrible geography skills of the people responsible for 24. My friend Mike suggested the other day that perhaps what we really need is a hitman who’ll just run a tab after we get past the actors listed in the opening credits. I couldn’t agree more.

Recap time: They should recruit Jibraan’s little brother for CTU, after the way he MacGuyvered a knife out of that broken mirror.

They’re retrofitting canisters and maximizing dispersion to release the bioweapon at “Washington Central Station,” because apparently Union Station is just TOO DAMN CONVENIENT. Meanwhile, Tony is telling Jibraan to get on the Red Line and head to Washington Center. JUST CALL IT UNION STATION YOU JACKASSES. Oh, and “Red Line, Westbound?” Good lord, people. Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode 19 (4:00 to 5:00)

Jack Bauer II by browserd

Just four hours left. That’s what I keep telling myself. Over and over. Four more hours until Jack Bauer and his cronies stop giving DC the business. We can do this. Stay strong.

Recap time: The container escaped! Almeida’s a traitor! Time to interrogate Hodges! Li’l Taylor loses her shit! Redheaded Evil and Tony get all hot and bothered over framing a local.

Tony and Redheaded Evil plant a bunch of crap on Innocent Local’s computer. They hang the Universal Banner of Islamic Terror and threaten IL’s brother if he doesn’t make terrorist love to the camera. Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode 18 (3:00 to 4:00)

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Jack is being treated in the back of an ambulance, being treated for his seizure and urged not to talk, as his vocal cords are in spasm. But he manages to choke out instructions to stop Tony to Freckles. Oh, Jack, hindsight is 20/20.

At this point it would be easier to talk about who’s NOT a traitor.

Tony is at a no-tell motel that appears to be off NY Ave. NE. He tells the nameless henchman that the payment has been wired to his account, and he’s able to check his balance without dialing 47 different extensions and re-entering his account number 18 times. And now the henchman is turning on Tony. It’s so hard to get good henchmen these days. Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode 17 (2:00am to 3:00am)


A blonde who will henceforth be known as Redshirt for reasons that are about to become clear is cleared for the White House. Just as she’s getting ready to leave her house, she’s sprayed with something into unconsciousness by someone who LOOKS JUST LIKE HER and steals her access credentials. Awesome.

Blah blah Freckles and Janis technobabble.

Tony shoots himself to fake a confrontation. Oh, that wily Tony. Here comes the cavalry. Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode 16 (1:00am to 2:00am)

Jack Defends Freedom

Guess what? There was actually some geography to snark about this week!

Recap time! Freckles’ Cleavage, Jack’s middle name is Exposition. Moss retreats from Fauxwater, Freckles wants to call Jack’s daughter, and the President caves to Jonas’ demands.

And we’re off: Hey look, Tony has figured out what the deal is with the missiles.

So Jonas is on his way to the White House, while Jack reminds the President that we don’t NEGOTIATE with terrorists, we TORTURE them. For America. After getting a tacit go-ahead from President Woman President, Tony rigs the RP-7 rocket fuel to blow… with the three charges of C4 he just HAPPENS to have with him for JUST SUCH AN OCCASION. (I mean, who doesn’t, right? It’s a girl’s best friend.) Continue reading

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Amateur Spies (Like Us)

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WLDC Stealth, courtesy of Don Whiteside

Unless this is your first time here you’re well aware that we’ve become a little obsessive over Jack Bauer’s tour through our city. We’ve got 15 17 hours worth of 24 recaps under our belt and fully intend to laugh (in order to fight off the tears) through the remaining 9 7 hours of Hollywood’s molestation of our geography. (Yes, Tiff, I suck at math.) So really, about the last thing we needed was to be further encouraged.

Enter the International Spy Museum.

The folks over at the museum’s retail store sent us some toys to play with, after having been entertained by our 24 recaps. So early in March, three items arrived in plain brown boxes by an unmarked panel truck. In the middle of the night.

After some email haggling, jovial threats and bickering, the WLDC staff managed to split up the loot gifts and proceeded to play with them: a micro-cam recorder, a ninja sword umbrella and night vision goggles. And now, we’re going to tell you all about it.

Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode 15 (12:00 to 1:00a)


Recap: So, who thinks Jack is good and who thinks he’s bad this hour?


Moss and Alameida whisper sweet nothings to each other while harassing Freckles for satellite imagery. Janis thinks “the subnet is crashing,” which are likely words strung together by people who’ve heard about networks on shows like this one. Surprise! They’re surrounded! Did you really need a satellite to tell you that? Continue reading

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He Loves DC: Jack Bauer

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Jack and the Capitol 2, courtesy of tbridge

Got this in the email inbox late last night. Thought I should share it with everyone – seems Jack Bauer reads WLDC! Leave him your comments; he said he’ll be watching… -BHR

After innumerable years as a government employee trotting the globe, I’m finally back in the center of it all, beautiful Washington, DC. And I love it here.

There are lots of reasons why; I thought, since everyone’s been ragging on me this week, why not ‘fess up and tell you? Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode 14 (11:00 to 12:00)

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‘Jack Bauer stares down a threatening-looking bug.’
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This week’s recap is probably going to be a shorter

Jack’s getting a very special shower out on Not-Duke Street as we start this week’s episode. They make some comments about pathogens and neurotoxins, but it’s all pretty unclear. Nerve agents tend to be pretty much fatal or harmless, without much degree of in between. But, maybe the writers of 24 know just about as much about bioweapons as they do about DC geography.

And now, Tony and Jonas are facing off at the Fauxwater headquarters in suburban Virginia where they’ve brought the bioweapon. It strikes us as odd that Fauxwater would have a small military installation inside the Beltway where land is so brutally expensive, but, I suppose, if the CIA can do it, so can Fauxwater. Continue reading

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24 in DC Extra: WaPo finally catches on

This officer tired of our shenanigans.
Originally uploaded by tiffany bridge

Apparently the Post has JUST NOW NOTICED that 24 screws up DC geography.

Even though the writers have a big ol’ map of DC on the wall, apparently they don’t consult it that often. Or watch the news, ever. (edited to add:) Oh, and apparently only people with “too much time on their hands” care about this stuff. Well, okay, I probably do have too much time on my hands. But people LIVE in DC. This is our HOME, and we care about having it portrayed accurately. 

Shameless plug: We’ll be back at our 24-snarking tonight as usual. Oh yes, we’re committed to you, our readers, to slog through every episode this season. Come watch with us in the chat room, and we’ll have a recap up afterwards.

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24 in DC: Episode 12 (9:00 to 10:00)

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Jack Bauer stares down a threatening-looking bug.
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Jack’s running out to his car which is supposed to be at Kennedy Memorial Hospital. He breaks into a sweet old ride with a nice laptop inside, not to mention some easily spottable Sprint gear.


That’s a really derelict looking hospital that Jack just “escaped” from. More Warehouse than Hospital, I think.

Aaaaand Freckles with the ID of The Real Killer in the photo! Good job, Freckles! And not just the ID, but exposition too! Hey wait a minute… is she after Bill’s job? God, the body’s not even cold yet…


Hodges and his lackey are talking in what looks like a very nice K Street office. It actually looks a lot like one of the floors at the Columbia Square building on E Street, but I’m not 100% sure.

Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode 11 (8:00 to 9:00)

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Jack Defends LoC
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Since it’s just me this week I’m gonna eschew the CoverItLive software and kick it old school, like we did back in the old days of… two weeks ago. Hopefully we’ll spend more than 3 minutes of the episode out of the White House set so I’ll actually have something to snark about.

9:06 8:06 and we’re still in a series of twisty rooms, all alike. I could mock the silliness of a supposed internet video feed that can’t be blocked – tell it to Verizon, who manages to block my feeds all by themselves – but what fun would that be?

9:09 8:09 oops, Bill just cost the taxpayers a whole lot of stimulus money. The White House is gonna need some screen doors and a whole lot of paint.

Whoops! Jerked up the time. Fixed now. My desperate prayers for some actual DC or supposed-DC scenery continues after the jump. Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode 9&10 (6:00 to 8:00)

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THIS is where the FBI field office is, Jack. Get it right.
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We’re trying something new this week – we’re going to use CoverItLive and have multiple ones of us going at once. Be merciful – we’re used to being able to press SAVE when we feel good about things, now we’re performing live without a net! We’ll be starting at 8 on the dot this time, so watch with us!

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24 in DC: Episode 8 (5:00 to 6:00)

Defending the Supreme Court.
 Defending the Capitol, by tiffany bridge

The voiceover promises that “this is the hour that changes everything!” Let’s hope that means that Jack will finally figure out where FBI headquarters actually is. Here we go with the recap, and welcome to another week of We Love DC’s geography-snarking.


We open with weaselly traitor FBI nerd at his desk, being taken to task about issuing the federal warrant that thwarted our hero.  Ooh, looks like Blondie is a traitor too! Agent Weaselly has the Magical Undetectable Bug of A Thousand Expositions!

Agent Freckles is freaking out that Debaku’s girlfriend is in danger. Silly Agent Freckles, thinking of “assets” as “human beings.” You’ll never stop ANY terrorists with that attitude, missy. Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode Seven (4:00 to 5:00)

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Jack and the Capitol 2
courtesy of tbridge

Hey there everyone. Tom and Tiff are currently being held captive in a basement of a Los Angeles bodega Dupont-area shop  so I’m going to be judging tonight’s battering of our beloved down. Jack don’t want to hurt you, DC, but you just make Jack so ANGRY….

Top of the hour means recap time to catch you up to date. I think this is the one where Jack faces a moral quandary and does what he has to in order to protect America. At the end of the last episode some extended gunplay had led to tragedy: over a dozen cases of Negra Modelo and Modelo Especial were broken and the beer sprayed everywhere.

Oh, and the First Dude got shot too.

Let’s go!

4:00 and they’re coming into the not-Dupont shop. Agent Freckles has barked at high volume that the first dude was shot but don’t spread it around. Look at the upside, at least he’s not a journalist with a headwound.

Then again, there’s no such thing as a West Arlington Hospital, so how bad can the care be?

4:05 and the quickest clearance process ever is taking place in the Oval Office. Where’s your SF86, Buchanan? Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode Six (3:00 to 4:00)

Jack Defends Freedom
‘Jack Defends Freedom’
courtesy of ‘tbridge’

We’re running a little late tonight thanks to the President’s Press Conference. We’ll be underway in a minute.

Okay, here we go. It’s the recap of last week, when Ike Debaku got a first name, and an apartment somewhere near Dupont. Prime Minister Ule Motobo also has a first name now, and is on the way to the White House. President Taylor’s husband, the First Dude, is in the trunk of a car somewhere in DC.


The First Dude is being taken into an alley. Meanwhile, Ike is at a hotdog stand (with a TV?) listening to President Taylor from the White House’s tiny magic press room where there aren’t chairs. Ike’s now in a backroom of a storefront near Dupont. In his underground lair, which is fairly expansive, he’s got the First Dude tied up. Ike’s going to use him up like Tina and probably beat him pretty solid along the way.


President Taylor continues in the tiny press room. Seriously, the White House Press Room has seats. And it’d be packed to the gills, and not just in front of four reporters and staff. When the President speaks, there’s people are around. Jack, Bill and Chloe, Wondergirl, are heading into the Oval Office as President Taylor finishes.


And now we break the bad news that there are bad men inside President Taylor’s Government. Bill takes a beating from the President for hiding all this. C’mon guys, get back outside. This dialogue is really, really terrible. And Renee’s trigger finger is looking itchy. Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode Five (2:00 to 3:00)

IMG_1254 by shellysblogger

Oh 24. I look forward to mocking you every week now. I didn’t think that was possible. And yet, here we are. Last week, we had all manner of craziness with the First Dude going on, planes crashing over “Edgeborough,” and frankly I haven’t seen a cabinet that full of pansies since I visited the garden shop the last time.

With that in mind, here we go, episode five!


We’re at the Washington Field Office. Or, at least, the pretty glass entrance. For those who haven’t been following along at home, that’s in Judiciary Square, not at the HQ at 9th & E.

Oh goodie. We’re opening up fresh sockets. Christ on a pogo stick, these people glom on to one IT term. Sigh.


Junction Jack wants to talk to the First Dude, but he’s incommunicado. JJ’s a little testy with the FBI SAIC.


The Motobos are in 546 Adams, according to Chloe, Wondergirl, and Jack’s all about the security specs. Turns out, that’s Debaku’s hideout, where he’s working on doing some damage to that Ohio Chemical Plant. Debaku and Motobo are having a “which one of these african dictators has a larger unit” contest. For now, Debaku’s winning.

I can’t seem to find an Adams street anywhere. But, it seems the same kind of bland California office park kind of place one might find in, say, the suburbs of Los Angeles. Continue reading

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24 in DC: Episode Four (1:00 to 2:00)

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‘jack bauer action figure’
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And now we’re back for yet another week in the 24-straganza here at We Love DC. There are several active threads in DC, and we’ll start with the FBI at the FBI HQ which is magically neither at Judiciary Square or at 9th & E.


There’s an awful lot of grousing at the FBI this week. Janis and Billy Walsh are giving a lot of lip to the agent in charge, who responds by giving them a nice little smackdown inside their weird corporate cube.


The Yellow Van is headed through some magical construction wasteland near to DC with Jack and Tony and the Prime Minister & his Wife.

They’re somewhere with a really big hanger. This is the kind of space that’s only available on, say, an Air Force Base. But it doesn’t look like Andrews, and that’s pretty much the only place around that’s got a warehouse space this big. Continue reading