24 in DC Extra: WaPo finally catches on

This officer tired of our shenanigans.
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Apparently the Post has JUST NOW NOTICED that 24 screws up DC geography.

Even though the writers have a big ol’ map of DC on the wall, apparently they don’t consult it that often. Or watch the news, ever. (edited to add:) Oh, and apparently only people with “too much time on their hands” care about this stuff. Well, okay, I probably do have too much time on my hands. But people LIVE in DC. This is our HOME, and we care about having it portrayed accurately. 

Shameless plug: We’ll be back at our 24-snarking tonight as usual. Oh yes, we’re committed to you, our readers, to slog through every episode this season. Come watch with us in the chat room, and we’ll have a recap up afterwards.

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3 thoughts on “24 in DC Extra: WaPo finally catches on

  1. Hey, at least the DC errors were filmed in DC and not some understudy city in Canada.