24 in DC: Episode 11 (8:00 to 9:00)

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Jack Defends LoC
courtesy of tbridge

Since it’s just me this week I’m gonna eschew the CoverItLive software and kick it old school, like we did back in the old days of… two weeks ago. Hopefully we’ll spend more than 3 minutes of the episode out of the White House set so I’ll actually have something to snark about.

9:06 8:06 and we’re still in a series of twisty rooms, all alike. I could mock the silliness of a supposed internet video feed that can’t be blocked – tell it to Verizon, who manages to block my feeds all by themselves – but what fun would that be?

9:09 8:09 oops, Bill just cost the taxpayers a whole lot of stimulus money. The White House is gonna need some screen doors and a whole lot of paint.

Whoops! Jerked up the time. Fixed now. My desperate prayers for some actual DC or supposed-DC scenery continues after the jump.

8:12 and we know Jack’s sad – the ticking clock is silent! The digits mourn.

8:15 and we want to move to Andrews? That can’t be the fallback location if there’s an issue with the White House, can it? Well, we’re not going there – we’re gonna stay right here in the blah set. Oh, and call that fictional West Arlington hospital, wouldja soldier? We might need to use the First Dude as an plot device again.

8:22 and it seems that Daddy Jolie and his CSI:Miami buddy are part of a thinly-disguised Blackwater clone. Maybe they’ll go outside at some point.

Oh, speaking of stopping transmissions on internet servers – a new Comcast commercial!

8:27 and we’re back. Time to take Jack back to the non-existant SE FBI HQ! Ohhhh except that Junction Jack, having been sucked in by Agent Freckles’ power-play, is ordering Moss to put Jack to work. Booyah, terrorists – Jack’s gonna pretend to torture you!

How long before Jack’s empty threat to torture the prisoner turns into real torture? I’m betting on 2.1 seconds. Rounded down.

To the nearest minute.

8:33 and we’re getting in a chopper. You’d think a promotion would have gotten Jack out of handcuffs a little faster. Or that Jack would have glared them off by now. Apparently the emergency isn’t so great that there isn’t time for Moss and now-former Agent Freckles to have a little face off.

8:36 and we’re out at commercial. C’mon, where’s the long shot of the shopper going in a hugely inappropriate direction? Did the whole budget go into that fireball?

Apparently the greening of 24 continues. Why can’t Jack just punch global climate change into compliance?

8:40 and they just named a real area hospital. I may swoon.

C’mon Fauxwater, you don’t need to send a dude into a DC hospital to commit an assassination, just convince them the patient is a journalist.

8:48 and the First Daughter is telling Junction Jack he should resign for incompetence and that she’s going to find out who’s to blame and make sure they’re held accountable. Now they’re not even PRETENDING they’re in DC anymore.

Sorry Wayan, I should have been more clear – it’s not a real DC AREA hospital…

8:55 oh you should not have made Jack drool. You’re gonna pay for that.

Well, we’re coming up on the end of the episode and Jack’s in trouble. But he’s in trouble OUTSIDE! Hooray, I see street!

Hopefully next week we’ll get some scenes that aren’t on a sound stage. See you then.

Well I used to say something in my profile about not quite being a “tinker, tailor, soldier, or spy” but Tom stole that for our about us page, so I guess I’ll have to find another way to express that I am a man of many interests.

Hmm, guess I just did.

My tastes run the gamut from sophomoric to Shakespeare and in my “professional” life I’ve sold things, served beer, written software, and carried heavy objects… sometimes at the same place. It’s that range of loves and activities that makes it so easy for me to love DC – we’ve got it all.


15 thoughts on “24 in DC: Episode 11 (8:00 to 9:00)

  1. Wow, I missed a whole level of foolishness. A band of commandos take over the White House – how? Traffic alone would have them stuck on 395 for hours.

  2. Interesting that they cannot block a “live Internet feed going out over multiple servers” as they would either be wireless, and jammable, or wired, and known to the White House IT guys.

  3. Why does the clock say 8:16? Did they forget its daylight savings time? We’re all at 9:16, or as the White House would really say 21:16

  4. West Arlington Hospital cracks me up every time. Did Inova not pay enough for a namedrop? They didn’t even get a Fairfax reference.

  5. I love how Jack still wears his clip-on badge after all that. I need that at the next conference I roll around to.

  6. Wait, with that return of illumination, I wonder why the lights get knocked out in the “explosion” – no emergency lights in the White House? Please.

  7. Why hasn’t the President gone back on TV yet? She was live when all the poo went down, and now she’s waiting for a speechwriter? She needs to get back online to tell folks its all gonna be okay.

    Obama would be all over YouTube by now.

  8. Look at that target list of fantasy cities: Oil City, Henderson, Waterville, Barrington, Rutland, and Batavia. Now Martinsville & Amherst are real cities, but no where near where that map says.

  9. Love the one punch door jam derived by a guy who can find the right wire to splice in a hospital room with the world’s largest drop ceiling.

  10. Will someone please look up. Jack didn’t replace the panel when he went up, they should notice it easy.

  11. Wayan, you would have preferred an OLPC placement?

    As to the whole needing to jury-rig a communications setup for the White House after the attack — guess they’ve forgotten about the underground command center they used in seasons 4 & 6.