24 in DC: Episode Four (1:00 to 2:00)

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And now we’re back for yet another week in the 24-straganza here at We Love DC. There are several active threads in DC, and we’ll start with the FBI at the FBI HQ which is magically neither at Judiciary Square or at 9th & E.


There’s an awful lot of grousing at the FBI this week. Janis and Billy Walsh are giving a lot of lip to the agent in charge, who responds by giving them a nice little smackdown inside their weird corporate cube.


The Yellow Van is headed through some magical construction wasteland near to DC with Jack and Tony and the Prime Minister & his Wife.

They’re somewhere with a really big hanger. This is the kind of space that’s only available on, say, an Air Force Base. But it doesn’t look like Andrews, and that’s pretty much the only place around that’s got a warehouse space this big.


Just before the C-Break, we get an ominous scene with an airplane screen and De Baku ordering planes in the DC area be struck down. Dun dun DUN!


Oh, Junction Jack is pissed. He’s upset that the President won’t trust him with her counsel. She tells him there’s been another breach, and that she wants to talk with all of the “First Responders” personally. Ma’am, with all due respect, that’s a lot of firefighters, police, paramedics and military, but we’ll get you the list…


Junction Jack is now arguing for a pullback from Sengala, and De Baku calls. He’s delivering threats while they’re blowing up a plane over what looks like the Mall. It’s hard to judge where the plane was blown up, and what actually did the job, but I think we’re lead to believe it was fighter jets circling the DC area on alert.


Ah, it was two airplanes that ran into each other. The planes went down in Edgeborough. I don’t think there’s an Edgeborough in DC, in Maryland, or in Virginia. The entire cabinet is ready to fold it up like a suit and head home, though, but the President is holding her ground. “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.”


Secretary Stevens packs it up and heads off to clean out his desk.


Thank God. A C-Break. It’s 3-0 Jack Bauer at the half-way.


Jack’s back at “Northwest Field” which is probably nestled up against the Chevy Chase Country Club or maybe tucked into a corner of Rock Creek Park or something.


Hey look, we’re back at the Residences with the First Dude and his son’s former girlfriend is on her way up. Creepy Secret Service Dude is setting up what is, I’m sure, going to look like a nasty accident. I thought we’d forgotten this plot point.


Yeah, that’s gonna look like an accident. Not quite. Major thanks go out to commenter RDO who pointed where the Residences are: “The Residences at Market Square, D St. Between 7th and 9th NW overlooking the Navy Memorial. The entrance you see is on D St. @ 8th.”


They’re packing up the PM at the “Northwest Airfield”, and a sweet Escalade has just rolled up. They’re taking the Motobos out of the area in the Pimp Ride, but not without leaving a few extra bodies behind first.


The First Dude is working hard on his Wesley routine but it still looks like the CSSD is going to hang him successfully.

Well, right up until they go over the balcony edge and CSDD is impaled on something nasty, and the First Dude finishes choking him to death.

And now we go into the final break. De Baku gets ready to blow up a plant in Kidron Ohio, and we’re out. One final note, they mentioned that there was no word from the White House yet, despite the plane’s proximity to the “Executive Mansion” (why not say White House?), which means they think “Edgeborough” is in the District. There’s an Edgewood, but that’s in Ward 5, nowhere near the White House. 4-0, Jack Bauer. Ouch, 24, haven’t any of you been to DC?

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One thought on “24 in DC: Episode Four (1:00 to 2:00)

  1. They showed a map of the DC area where this “Edgeborough” is, and it was showing it to the southwest of the city (VA), maybe inside the beltway. Because, yeah, 20 miles from the “Executive Mansion” clearly means it’s terrorist activity. LOL; gotta love the subtilty of 24 plots!