Hot Ticket: Kaskade @ Fur Nightclub 11/27/10

Recommended by guest writer: Patrick Palafox.

Kaskade is bringing his bag of San Francisco beats to the nation’s capitol for a night of monument shaking at Fur Nightclub on Saturday, February 27th. I use the term glam electronic to describe his music, because every time I hear it, I imagine myself strutting down a cat walk. Wow, I’m so secure with myself. His latest album “Dynasty” features many tracks with up and coming vocalist Haley. The two have awesome chemistry and I have taken the liberty to create a formula based on their most recent album. Kaskade plus Sexy Woman Voice = bitten lower lips times ass shaking to the tenth power. I would recommend checking out his MySpace for a taste.

I’m eager to find out where Kaskade falls when it comes to putting on a DJ show. Will it be a visual experience like Deadmau5 or Daft Punk, or will the sound unleash visuals in my mind? A fat man once said where there’s smoke there’s smoked barbecue, but I believe that where there is smoke there is a DJ making shoes burst into flames from dancing; not like Drew Barrymore’s “Firestarter” but because the beats are hot and the friction between the feet and the floor leads to…fuck it…I don’t know where I was going with that. Anyway, Kaskade at Club Fur, get your ass there. Your ass will be glad you did.

@ Fur Nightclub
$20 pre-sale

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