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We Love Music: Kaskade @ Fur Nightclub 11/27/10

courtesy of MSO.

Guest reviewer Patrick Palafox attended the Kaskade show at Fur on Saturday. Here are some of his thoughts about it.*

I discovered why Kaskade calls himself that. His set was an endless shower of sound that poured with the strength of Niagara Falls. Before heading to the show, I did some intense research to find out which country each DJ on DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs of 2010 list is from. I found that only seven of the DJs are from the US. Kaskade, ranked number 35 out of 100 for the world, but is number one among DJs representing the home of the brave. At first I thought that this DJ list was about as useful as T-Rex arms, but then I discovered that this information is actually something you can use should you find yourself in a group conversation about DJs. You might hook up, because your knowledge is so vast. You’re welcome for that tip; now onto Kaskade’s set.

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Hot Ticket: Kaskade @ Fur Nightclub 11/27/10

Recommended by guest writer: Patrick Palafox.

Kaskade is bringing his bag of San Francisco beats to the nation’s capitol for a night of monument shaking at Fur Nightclub on Saturday, February 27th. I use the term glam electronic to describe his music, because every time I hear it, I imagine myself strutting down a cat walk. Wow, I’m so secure with myself. His latest album “Dynasty” features many tracks with up and coming vocalist Haley. The two have awesome chemistry and I have taken the liberty to create a formula based on their most recent album. Kaskade plus Sexy Woman Voice = bitten lower lips times ass shaking to the tenth power. I would recommend checking out his MySpace for a taste.

I’m eager to find out where Kaskade falls when it comes to putting on a DJ show. Will it be a visual experience like Deadmau5 or Daft Punk, or will the sound unleash visuals in my mind? A fat man once said where there’s smoke there’s smoked barbecue, but I believe that where there is smoke there is a DJ making shoes burst into flames from dancing; not like Drew Barrymore’s “Firestarter” but because the beats are hot and the friction between the feet and the floor leads to…fuck it…I don’t know where I was going with that. Anyway, Kaskade at Club Fur, get your ass there. Your ass will be glad you did.

@ Fur Nightclub
$20 pre-sale