ICYMI: January 11th, 2011

Snow? What snow?
The weather, courtesy of TBD

As we get ready to go home, here’s the latest on the impending snowfizzle, explosions in Arlington, baby lion cubs playing with their dad at the zoo, a timeline on the death of Ali Ahmed Mohammed at DC9, a Verizon iPhone, and more!

Yeah, your day needs some cute in it. How about Luke the Lion playing with his cubs? Yeah, I thought you needed that. Thanks, National Zoo!

Sommer Mathis has a definitive timeline in the death of Ali Ahmed Mohammed outside of DC9 back in October.

In case you were living under a rock, here’s Peter Cohen‘s coverage of the Verizon event announcing the iPhone on Verizon. In short, available next month, standard prices for handsets, they’ll all be wireless hotspots for up to five computers, and no one knows what the monthly plans will cost yet.

Alan Suderman has word from Councilman Harry Thomas Jr. (D-Ward 5) that he will hand over his records for Team Thomas, and also make them public. AG Irv Nathan isn’t talking about the investigation at this time.

Turns out we’re not the only ones doing Mythbusting. The Post has five myths about the South’s secession the Civil War War of Northern Aggression. Not included is the myth that all Northerners roll their eyes when they hear it called anything but the Civil War.

Amanda Hess from TBD has some interesting numbers on abortion rates in DC, MD and VA over the last 40 years. Hint: They’re down.

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