Will the Redskins Play in 2011? Still To Be Determined

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It’s been top of mind (or at least Sportscenter) since Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers hoisted the Lombardi Trophy in the first week of February, the impending sense of doom that a lockout between the NFL players union and the owners could prevent the 2011 NFL season. Will there be any football in Landover this September? Well, no news isn’t necessarily good news, so here’s an update.

The owners and players agreed to a 24-hour extension yesterday to allow further discussion on the collective bargaining agreement that was set to expire at midnight this morning. Since then, they have been hunkered down and the word is coming out of several sources that more deals are likely to be made to extend the negotiating or even get a new CBA in place. This afternoon, the sides agreed to extend for another week of discussion, moving the deadline for agreement to the 11th at 5 pm. Compromise may be coming, but what that will be – and when – is still unclear.

As a reminder, Redskins season ticket holders, prices were kept at the same level as last year because of the threat of a lockout. In the event a lockout still happens, they will be refunded. Otherwise, you can look forward to at least eight regular season games at FedEx this fall. We’ll do our best to keep you posted.

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