Creators of “Texts From Hillary” Meet Clinton, Receive Special “Text”

In an interesting turn for The Internet’s Latest Meme: Texts From Hillary,  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton invited the Meme’s creators to meet with her and receive her own submission for the site.

The tumblr, which collects and produces fictional text conversations between celebrities and Secretary Clinton, has been burning up the web ever since it was created last Wednesday. Adam Smith, the Communications Director of campaign-finance nonprofit Public Campaign, says that it’s been a crazy week ever since.

“[Co-creator] Stacy Lambe and I were having a drink last week and decided to do it because we thought it would be funny. He went home, set it up, and it just took off from there,” Smith told me today.

In regards to catching Clinton’s eye, Smith says he was contacted by her staff and they invited him and Lambe to meet Hillary. The staffers even submitted their own “text”  that Clinton wrote herself.

“They emailed us yesterday saying that she wanted to meet us, so we said of course! It was a brief meeting – about 5 minutes – talked about the site, took some pictures, that’s it.”

In the brief meeting Clinton said she loved the site and that her favorite post was the one about her and Ryan Gosling. Smith and Lambe walked away with an autographed copy of her tumblr submission as well as a great photo.

However I wonder if her staffers helped with the autograph. I don’t think Hillary walks around being a B.A. “For the LOLZ.”

Or maybe she does.

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