All Good Things: A Farewell Tour

For the past six years, it has been our pleasure, our responsibility, and our joy to bring you stories from the Nation’s Capital. Not just the federal city, but from all eight wards, from beyond the city limits, and from our hearts. We’ve learned so much: that DC was not built on a swamp; that you can totally get a case a month of hard spirits shipped to your door; that Tony Mendez was a cool customer; that forts are super cool; and everything in between.

We’ve always been a bit of an anarchic collective: individual writers who came together to form the site organically over a few pints at Fox & Hounds (our beloved Passenger wasn’t due until 2009). Our goal? To share with you our unique experiences and stories about our lives in the District. Some of us had already lived here a long time, while others were just getting started on their DC adventure. We founders created something we’re all passionately grateful for – and we were joined by absolutely amazing writers over those six years since July 4, 2008. More than ten thousand articles have been written, by more than 70 authors, and the presence of We Love DC in our lives has been an exceptional one. In some cases, a life-saving one.

Yet life has changed radically for all of us, and we feel it’s a good time to wrap up the site with a bow.

Wait, not a bow. A Thank You Tour.

When we began We Love DC, it was our chief goal to wear our hearts for this amazing city on our sleeves, and to be unabashedly enthusiastic about the District. It’s hard to understate the transformation in the past six years. DC has added tens of thousands of new residents, breweries and cocktail bars, new schools, yes, new bike lanes and dog parks, but more than that, DC has added energy and vitality. More than that, DC’s pride is on the rise.

We hear our voices amid the choir, and we’re far from alone in praising our home. It’s an extremely gratifying feeling. And we promise a Thank You Tour that celebrates the spirit and love that inspired us from the beginning.

Our plans? We Love DC will continue to publish through late fall. Then the site will become an archive of these marvelous six years. But before we go, there are about a million people to thank, and we’ll do it lovingly. We’re planning a Thank You Tour that’ll include revisiting highlights of the past years, what’s changed since we began, and where we think the city is going. We’ll talk to notable Washingtonians, past We Love DC writers, and re-enunciate why we still love DC.

Oh, and of course: a farewell party. To say thank you, dear friends and readers. Thank you for everything. This next part is going to be fun.

With all our hearts,

Jenn Larsen, Founder
Tom Bridge, Founder
Don Whiteside, Founder
Tiffany Bridge, Founder
John Athayde, Founder
Ben Rome, Founder
Rachel Levitin, Partner
Rebecca Johnson, Partner

3 thoughts on “All Good Things: A Farewell Tour

  1. Thank you all! You’ve been a positive voice in our community as individuals and collectively. I know that that spirit will continue even if the site does not.

  2. Whoa! Congrats on a good run. Earlier this year I sunset the blog that took over my life and triggered my retirement from WLDC. Yes, our lives have radically changed from back in the day. Good on all of us.