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Where to Get Those Knives of Yours Sharpened

Ok, so here’s the deal. Sharp knives are awesome, safer than dull knives and way more fun to cook with. So you should stop procrastinating and just go to and buy new knives.

1) Union Market. DC Mobile Sharpening has a pop up in Union Market and I dropped off my knives while I gallivanted around and drank lots of cocktails at Buffalo & Bergen, ate lots of cheese at Righteous Cheese and got my beef jerky fix at Red Apron Butchery. They were fast, good and reasonably priced. I do, though, feel compelled to say that I did feel a little judgement when I turned over my crappy Ikea knives. (Which, let’s be real, I’m judging myself for them, too.) (Bad foodie! Bad!)

2) Eastern Market, technically, Union Meat, a stand towards the middle of the building, will take those bad boys and shape them right up. If you go on the weekend, you can also pick yourself up some some fresh pasta, a new necklace, a hipster tee shirt and some artisan soaps. I’m pretty sure if Eastern Market doesn’t have it, you don’t need it.

3) Sur La Table. Far, far on the other side of the city, Sur La Table sharpens up some WASP-y knives in Chevy Chase. And Google says there’s one in Friendship Heights. Or is that the same place? I don’t know, and since I never go that far up the red line, I’m too lazy to figure it out. I think there’s one in Pentagon City, maybe, too. Sorry, I’m being bad about this blurb. I feel very meh about giving a chain my business when I can support local DC businesses! But, you know, I also like you enough to give you options.

So, there you have it. No excuses! Sharpen like a champion.

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Atlas Arcade: 8-bit Fun on H Street

IMG 4820

It’s a Thursday night and the line at Toki Underground spills out onto H Street. It’s two hours until you can have delicious ramen, so what are you going to do? You can sit down at the Pug or Church and State and pound beers or cocktails, or you can walk up to H Street Country Club at hope to get in for mini golf, or, you can cool your heels and wait. While waiting, you can also play online casino at 666 Casino and use your spare time winning big real money through online casinos.

Starting this week, Atlas Arcade gives you another option. You can now play rainbow riches online with your phone and get your big starting bonus now. This game is surely to give you the best entertainment you are looking for in an online casino.

The space, formerly Eric Holzherr’s Fruit Bat, is now Atlas Arcade, with eight classic 8-bit video games, a claw machine, and a couple video game consoles built into TVs at the bar.

When I was about 12, my friend Paul and I tagged along as his parents went to gamble at the casino just over the state line in Nevada from Lake Tahoe. It was the best day ever, despite the car trouble getting up into the mountains, and the hot weather, because when we got there, Paul’s Dad handed us each a roll of quarters fresh from the bank, and told us we could play as long as we wanted.

Now, granted, I grew up with an NES, and later a Genesis, but arcades had games that none of those systems could touch. Spy Hunter. Galaga. Rampage. Defender. Ms Pacman on those little bar tables like you found at Pizza Hut.

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Farm Fresh: New Tuesday Market at Eastern Market

Photo courtesy of ep_jhu
Eastern Market on a Hot Day
courtesy of ep_jhu

So I have to admit, I really do not love the outdoor farmer’s market at Eastern Market on the weekends. I’m not talking about the flea market with all the mirrors, animal hats and necklaces, I’m talking about the food part. Maybe I’m spoiled, but I don’t think repackaged baby carrots or oranges and bananas (clearly not grown in the Mid-Atlantic region) count as a farmer’s market. See, in the picture above, you see strawberries right next to apples. If you’re growing locally, the strawberries would happen for a few glorious short weeks in early spring and the apples arrive much later in fall.

When I go to a market, I want 100% local. And I want fresh, as in, vine to me in less than 24 hours. And sadly, I don’t see a ton of that at Eastern Market normally. But all this might change today with the announcement of the new “Fresh Tuesdays” farmer’s market at Eastern Market. Continue reading

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New statue arrives atop Howard Theatre

New Sculpture arrives on Howard Theatre

photo by Sean Hennessey

The DPR mobile stage is up on T Street just south of Florida, and the rebuilt Howard Theatre is ready for people, but the last details are still coming together ahead of this morning’s dedication an opening. The ceremony, open to the public, begins at 11:30am, but at 8:30 this morning there was still a crane parked in front of the Howard Theatre. The  precious cargo being hoisted atop the famous façade is Brower Hatcher’s Jazz Man, an eight-foot metal-and-glass sculpture of a trumpet player.  In his hands, a trumpet crafted by DC artisan Sean Hennessey.

The Beaux Arts inspired Howard Theatre kicks off a week long extravaganza at 11:30am today with a dedication ceremony and public tour, with live music. Read our feature on the re-opening of this beautiful classic, and then head on over to check it out.

Howard Theatre
620 T Street NW
Washington DC
Metro: Green/Yellow Line at Shaw

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A difficult morning on Capitol Hill

Photo courtesy of
‘good morning’
courtesy of ‘volcanojw’

If you can avoid Capitol Hill for the next few hours, you probably should.

A woman was found dead inside a burning car on the 800 block of A Street SE in the 5:00 hour this morning. The car was fully engulfed when DC Fire & EMS arrived, and it was only after the fire was put out that the woman’s body was found. It seems like the car may have crashed into the garage at a low speed to start the fire. The investigation is ongoing.

A suspicious package was found outside the Capitol South metro station this morning. Metro trains are passing through the station without stopping.

So if you can adjust your business this morning to not include Capitol Hill, I recommend that you do it. Stay out of the way while police do their jobs and save yourself the frustration of navigating around them while they do it.