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We Love Food: Meat in a Box

Meat in a Box

DC does so many different kinds of food well that it’s hard to decide where to go for dinner. Ethopian? Sure, we’ve got lots of that. Peruvian Chicken? Crisp ‘n Juicy? Super Pollo? El Pollo Rico? All are options, but when you’ve got choices like this, you’re always going to run into the person who loves restaurant A, but not B, and vice versa. When my friends started telling me about Meat in a Box, I figured there would be one Kabob Bazaar person in the group, but no, it was universal, it was almost cultish the devotion that my group of friends have for this little kabob eatery over in Falls Church.

Hy friend Hugh was dogged in his persistence that I try out Meat in a Box, and finally I gave in and met him there for lunch on Monday. It’s a small spot, maybe six tables inside (and another four outside for when the weather is hospitable) and a spartan bright interior.

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Amanda Palmer at the State Theater

Photo courtesy of Me

Amanda Palmer at State-0736, courtesy of Me

I had the good fortune to get to see and shoot Amanda Palmer last night.

Let me clarify – shoot as in take pictures of her. I am not the person Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

Let me also save you Gaiman-heads the trouble: No, he was either not there or not in evidence. Palmer’s dad was, however – he lives in the area and sings with the National Cathedral, according to the now-defunct Blade. Palmer did a duet of a Leonard Cohen song with him during the encore, something that’s become a tradition when she plays in the area.

The show was great and I’m becoming more and more fond of the State Theater as a venue. The management is relaxed and courteous, the sound’s good and the on-tap beer selection above average. More pictures after the jump.

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