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Object lesson: Not all discrimination is harmful

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If your crutches were preventing you from exercising your statistics disability, worry not: the DC Lottery and Gaming Board is looking out for you. Or for their revues anyway. They’ve filed notice that they intend to amend the municipal code to guarantee that organizations selling lottery tickets have to meet ADA requirements for access and won’t shut out the differently-able from throwing their money down the toilet by buying lottery tickets.

No lottery sales agent shall discriminate against any individual on the basis of a disability in the full and equal enjoyment of lottery related goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations of any lottery licensed facility;

There’s a multitude of exemptions in there, though, for organizations that might find it financially prohibitive to make structural changes to their facilities. There’s no requirement if the cost exceeds 25% of the revenue they bring in selling this junk, but they’ll have to “make the lottery related goods and services available through alternative methods,” such as curb service or signage directing people to the nearest ADA-compliant lottery seller.

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Metro campaigning for more courteous seating

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Reader Will H asked us to gently bring this Examiner article on Metro’ priority seating campaign to everyone’s attention. While you’re working your single mojo lookin for love you should try to do it without consuming a seat meant for folks with mobility issues.

The campaign does raise an interesting dilemma, though – Metro’s accessibility program director Glenn Millis is quoted as saying “Not all disabilities are visible, and it might not always be obvious when a person needs a seat.” Presumably that includes the people already in them, so how do you know they should be giving up their place?