Metro: The New Singles Bar

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The entertainingly-named Moving Momentarily calls our attention to WMATA’s recently released ridership demographics. The short version: Metrorail riders are typically college-educated, high-earning commuters, while Metrobus riders are less likely to have a college degree, and earn about 2/3 of what Metrorail riders earn. So, you know, when Metrobus service gets cut, it actually DOES disproportionately affect people who are dependent on public trainsit.

But Moving Momentarily does find an unexpected benefit (and possible WMATA revenue source!) from these numbers: look at all those educated top earners on the train! Metro speed dating, anyone?

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5 thoughts on “Metro: The New Singles Bar

  1. I feel as though people go out of their way to avoid contact on the train… Might make it kind of hard.

    Ladies, how do you feel about being asked for your number on Metro?

  2. Addison – it’d def be weird… I’m also not one to talk to rando people. I’d probably ignore you, no offense. I ignore everyone.

    disclaimer: I’m not an unfriendly person, I’ve just been “citified” and tend to think that everyone who approaches me is a wackjob.

  3. I’ve definitely been hit on on the metro more than a few times…..even with reading material and head phones! I’ve since worked on what I call my “metro face” to avoid this and I think I finally have it down.

    It is also not that I’m unfriendly, but I’m just not in the mood to have awkward small talk while I’m trying to decompress on my ride home. It can also be uncomfortable because you know everyone else around you is watching the awkward exchange since its not like a bar where everyone is having their own conversations.

  4. Oh I’ve seen that random dude trying to catch the eye of some chick. Plus have you seen how many missed connections on craigslist are from the metro?
    Maybe We Love DC should have a Metro (only) Missed Connection section???