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My Favorite Museum Shop

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‘Hirshhorn Museum Shop’
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For the 4th of July holiday I went to Atlanta to visit family, and while I was there we went to the Coca-Cola Museum.  Since this was not the first time I had been to the attraction (we go at least once a year), and there is only so many flavors of international Coca-Cola product you can taste, I decided to hang out in the gift shop. With one arm wrapped around an extra-large plastic Coke bottle/piggy bank, I began to miss my D.C. museum shops. I am convinced that nothing else compares to the museum shop at The National Gallery of Art or The Textile Museum, and of course, my very favorite, the one found at The National Building Museum.

This got me thinking, our readers always know the best secrets of the city, so I thought I would throw this one out your way – what is your favorite D.C. museum shop and why?

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In Search of a Decent Bagel 2: The Consensus

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‘bagel – before’
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Did you see how good I was? I almost made an “Electric Boogaloo” reference in the header, but I restrained myself.

Anyways, the bagel question really brought out the comments, so I thought it would be worthwhile to share the reader’s consensus.  Brooklyn Bagels in Courthouse seems to be the almost universal favorite, but So’s Your Mom and Bethesda Bagels also got some significant love. I think that fairly settles it: the best bagels in DC are actually in Arlington.  Now I’ve got to get over to Brooklyn Bagels to see for myself.  I feel that this has been a useful exercise and one that I must repeat for all of the other major food groups.  Well done, readers!