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Weekend Flashback: 2/5 – 2/7/2010

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‘The Day After Tomorrow………….’
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SNOW! Snowmageddon, snowpocalypse, snOMG, snogasm, snobama, Tai Shan’s last dump – whatever you want to call it, the frozen white stuff dominated our weekend. (And like unwanted houseguests, will linger for many more days to come.) Even with the nearly three feet of snow dropped in the DC area, many of our area photographers ventured out into the blizzard and its aftermath.

So while you enjoy your snow day, here’s some photos from the “Blizzard of 2010” for you to enjoy. Probably best if you had some warm tea/coffee/hot chocolate, a roaring fire, and a blanket while you check them out…

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How To Get Around in The Storm

Public Transportation in the Snow

Public Transportation in the Snow

Even though we’re all being told to stay home, we’ve got restaurants to visit, snowball fights to participate in, and hills to sled down.  So what’s the best way to get around in the city?

Skiing seems to be very popular, as seen in this picture taken this morning in Adams Morgan.  Most pedestrians are walking in the streets, since they tend to be plowed better than sidewalks (many of which are covered in 2 feet of snow).  There’s no Metrobus or Circulator service today, and the Metro system is operating only underground with trains every half-hour.

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The Daily Feed, WTF?!

Blizzard Warning for DC

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courtesy of ‘Hoffmann’

Yes, that’s right, a blizzard warning.  The National Weather Service has issued a statement going into effect at 10pm warning of blizzard conditions in the District.  Earlier today, a similar warning was issued for Baltimore and Southern Maryland, but it seems the effects are projected to be further south than originally expected.  So, look for 2 feet of snow on the ground by the time you wake up tomorrow, and in excess of 20 inches when all is said and done.  Welcome to the true Snowpocalypse. December’s got nothing on February.