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Whither Global Warming?

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Today, Time took on a question that might be on many people’s minds. Where is global warming, anyway?

The issue is still out there, but “global warming” doesn’t tell the whole picture. While worldwide temperature averages are rising, “global climate change” and “weather weirding” more accurately describe what will happen.

The global part is spot on. Temperature rises affect air and sea currents throughout the world. They also affect the amount of moisture the air can hold; warmer air locks in more, bringing heavier precipitation.

And if the temperature hovers around freezing, as the Time article explains, here in DC we could get more snow.

Sound complex? It is. That’s why scientists the world over are studying changes in the climate, which is a long-term thing, and another point that confuses folks about the term “global warming.”

As the article so aptly states, “Weather is what will happen next weekend; climate is what will happen over the next decades and centuries.” Kudos to Time for shedding some light.

The Daily Feed, We Green DC

Ice Sheets, Ice Cubes

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This Wednesday, while the Environmental Film Festival has DC thinking green, the French Embassy will hold a talk on Polar Deserts and their Secrets.

They’ll discuss research being done in Antarctica on climate change, biodiversity, and human adaptation. In fine French form, they’ll follow the 6 p.m. lecture with cocktails. (RSVP to

That’s the spirit! Let’s hear more bad news about the planet, then steady our nerves with a drink.