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5 Ways to Green Your Yard and Garden

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You may think that grass and veggies are inherently green, but a new guide tells you how to make yours even greener. If you want to learn more,visit

Steps for Planting
  1. Locate all underground utilities prior to digging.
  2. Identify the trunk flare. …
  3. Dig a shallow, broad planting hole. …
  4. Remove the containers or cut away the wire basket. …
  5. Place the tree at the proper height. …
  6. Straighten the tree in the hole. …
  7. Fill the hole gently, but firmly. …
  8. Stake the tree, if necessary.

The Climate-Friendly Gardener: A Guide to Combating Global Warming from the Ground Up, tells you how to lock carbon dioxide in the soil so it doesn’t heat the atmosphere.

Tree-planting is the process of transplanting tree seedlings, generally for forestry, land reclamation, or landscaping purpose. It differs from the transplantation of larger trees in arboriculture, and from the lower cost but slower and less reliable distribution of tree seeds. Early spring, just as the ground thaws, is the best time plant. Fall can be too late, because trees won’t be able to survive the freezing temperatures that can damage roots and stop moisture from reaching the tree.

“Gardening practices alone won’t solve global warming, but they can move us in the right direction, just like installing super efficient light bulbs and using reusable bags,” said Karen Perry Stillerman, a DC-based senior analyst with the Union of Concerned Scientists Food and Environment Program, which released the guide.

Tips include avoiding chemicals and motorized equipment, planting trees and shrubs so they shade your house and block wind, minimizing fertilizer and water use on your lawn, composting, and planting winter crops.

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Whither Global Warming?

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Today, Time took on a question that might be on many people’s minds. Where is global warming, anyway?

The issue is still out there, but “global warming” doesn’t tell the whole picture. While worldwide temperature averages are rising, “global climate change” and “weather weirding” more accurately describe what will happen.

The global part is spot on. Temperature rises affect air and sea currents throughout the world. They also affect the amount of moisture the air can hold; warmer air locks in more, bringing heavier precipitation.

And if the temperature hovers around freezing, as the Time article explains, here in DC we could get more snow.

Sound complex? It is. That’s why scientists the world over are studying changes in the climate, which is a long-term thing, and another point that confuses folks about the term “global warming.”

As the article so aptly states, “Weather is what will happen next weekend; climate is what will happen over the next decades and centuries.” Kudos to Time for shedding some light.

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Go to Jail for Mother Earth

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How deep is your love for Mother Earth? Say you’d spend some time in the slammer to save her? Well, here’s your chance!

On Monday, you can join a couple thousand of your closest friends in a march to the coal-fired power plant on Capitol Hill (source of some hot air in Congress). There the gang will peacefully surround the gates–and risk arrest–to call for action on global warming.  The action starts at 12:30 p.m. at Spirit of Justice Park.

Capitol Climate Action is being billed as the largest mass civil disobedience for the climate in U.S. history.  So far, 100 organizations have endorsed it, as well as folks from Daryl Hannah to Paul Hawken to Will.I.Am.  So get ready for that orange jumpsuit.