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Stage 5 Clinger Situation Ends With 5 Years in Prison

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Back in January we told you about the woman charged with breaking into her ex’s house and camping out in the attic with some food and a toilet bucket.  She allegedly called her ex 100+ times in one evening and sent threatening text messages and e-mails when the other woman ended the relationship.  Well,  justice has been served and she’s now headed to jail for five years.

A judge sentenced Taylar Nuevelle to five and a half years for breaking into Janet Albert’s home and camping out in the attic for over 24 hours.  Let that be a lesson to you– in the heat of the moment after a breakup, maybe it seems like a good idea to go all bat-shit crazy and camp out in your ex’s attic, but there are repercussions.  Unfortunately, it seems this lesson hasn’t quite been learned, as Nuevelle’s lawyer says that the real lesson here is “don’t have a bad breakup with a lesbian judge.”  But I think we all can agree that the ice-bucket-as-toilet situation really pushes this from bad breakup to prison-worthy offense.

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Get Ready for Protests

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That’s right, folks, it’s World Bank Protest Weekend, which means that people from all over are descending on DC to make nuisances of themselves in front of the World Bank and IMF and in front of various hotels housing various officials that are coming for this weekend’s meeting. Apparently, it’s possible that the teabaggers and the WB/IMF crowds may join forces in the best case of “most unlikely bedfellows” since Youppi and Slapshot got it on to create the Nats’ mascot Screech.

So, if at all possible, avoid the area around WB and IMF this weekend, it’s likely going to be a giant charlie foxtrot within several blocks of there. And hopefully, no one’s going to go throwing bricks in georgetown like they did a few years ago. No one would be that stupid, right? Right?

Oh right, London was a nightmare during the G-20. Get your asshat-resistance gear on, people.