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Nats Fans Are People Too: Cheryl Hauser

Pictured (left to right): Cheryl Hauser, Josh Willingham, and Cheryl’s friend Kristie / Photo provided by Cheryl Hauser

“Nats Fans Are People Too” is a new series taking you inside the minds and lives of the District’s biggest Nationals fans. Do you know somebody who should be featured? Are you one of the many die-hard Nats fans in town? Get in touch by sending a message to!

No amount of teasing is ever going to change Cheryl Hauser’s mind. She is and always will be a Nats fan.

Hauser, who was born in DC but lived in Waldorf, Md. until she was 7, grew up in Annandale, Va. with a family who loved to go to Orioles games. Each summer Hauser and her family and friends would take trips to Baltimore to watch baseball. It was their family’s bonding activity.

“We’d support [the Orioles] and we’d go a couple times a year,” Hauser said. “It was a fun family thing, but never as intense as what happened now, which happened by accident.” Continue reading

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Cristian Guzman Traded to Texas

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courtesy of ‘philliefan99’

The Nationals continue to deal chips before the July 31 trade deadline this afternoon with news that infielder Cristian Guzman is going to the Texas Rangers in return for a few prospects.

Guzman has played in 550 games for the Nationals, second only to Ryan Zimmerman.

Guzman was also the longest tenured Nat whose service to the team had been uninterrupted. Additionally, he was on the team’s original 2005 Opening Day roster.

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