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Featured Photo

Photo courtesy of ekelly80
bailey’s cupcake
courtesy of ekelly80

This photo just made me smile. With Saint Paddy’s Day coming up next week, the sight of this perfectly made cupcake, and the green shoes, put me in the mood of the season. On an artistic level, this is a perspective that we all know well; who hasn’t taken a look at their yummy sweet just before devouring it? But Erin invested in some self-control and took the time to capture this perfect, Irish sight. May the luck of the Irish be with you all!

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Extra bad for your teeth


Photo by:Labor of Love Photography.

Now, my darling industry shill fiancée says “sugar isn’t more likely to cause cavities than any other fermentable carbohydrate, including bread,” but I suspect even she would acknowledge that a cupcake can do some serious harm to your teeth if you bite down into the two carat diamond Mervis has stuck into the middle.

They don’t really intend for you to eat it; the cupcake, created by Classic Bakery, is to promote their wedding ring trunk show. I’m going to have to pass, what with spending the 2nd actually getting married, but since we’re serving cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake at our event I called dibs on this item.

When I did another of our authors asserted that a different cupcake bakery was a superior choice. I’ll let her share herself, but what’s your go-to location for diamond encrusted pastry?