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How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

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‘O Solo Mio’
courtesy of ‘wickenden’

While chewing on your socks and snatching that piece of ham off the counter top is bad behavior by your pooch, I don’t think it can get much worse than what happen to DC jewelry shop owners Robert Rosin and George Kaufmann.

According to the Associated Press,  a diamond dealer stopped by the pair’s shop last week to show Rosin and Kaufmann a $20,000, three-plus carat rock.  Upon presenting the diamond to Rosin and Kaufmann, the dealer mistakenly and clumsily dropped the jewel and it was quickly gobbled up by Soli, Kaufmann’s dog.

After a call to the vet, the only solution was to carefully monitor Soli and sort through all of his doo-doos with a fine tooth comb.  Three days later, Kaufmann hit the jackpot and the diamond was back in the dealer’s hands. Question is: Will the  final owner ever know the doggy intestinal journey their gem has been on?

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Extra bad for your teeth


Photo by:Labor of Love Photography.

Now, my darling industry shill fiancée says “sugar isn’t more likely to cause cavities than any other fermentable carbohydrate, including bread,” but I suspect even she would acknowledge that a cupcake can do some serious harm to your teeth if you bite down into the two carat diamond Mervis has stuck into the middle.

They don’t really intend for you to eat it; the cupcake, created by Classic Bakery, is to promote their wedding ring trunk show. I’m going to have to pass, what with spending the 2nd actually getting married, but since we’re serving cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake at our event I called dibs on this item.

When I did another of our authors asserted that a different cupcake bakery was a superior choice. I’ll let her share herself, but what’s your go-to location for diamond encrusted pastry?