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I’m Smell Chocolate! Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!

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courtesy of ‘OakleyOriginals’

Yesterday at Dulles International Airport, a Custom and Border Protection’s drug-detecting pup sniffed out approximately 21 pounds of marijuana hidden within packages of chocolate. The drugs were on their way to NYC from Mexico City and had an estimated street value of $17,000.

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How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

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‘O Solo Mio’
courtesy of ‘wickenden’

While chewing on your socks and snatching that piece of ham off the counter top is bad behavior by your pooch, I don’t think it can get much worse than what happen to DC jewelry shop owners Robert Rosin and George Kaufmann.

According to the Associated Press,  a diamond dealer stopped by the pair’s shop last week to show Rosin and Kaufmann a $20,000, three-plus carat rock.  Upon presenting the diamond to Rosin and Kaufmann, the dealer mistakenly and clumsily dropped the jewel and it was quickly gobbled up by Soli, Kaufmann’s dog.

After a call to the vet, the only solution was to carefully monitor Soli and sort through all of his doo-doos with a fine tooth comb.  Three days later, Kaufmann hit the jackpot and the diamond was back in the dealer’s hands. Question is: Will the  final owner ever know the doggy intestinal journey their gem has been on?

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New Lost Dog Café Opens in S. Arlington

A New Lost Dog
As a big fan of Lost Dog Café, which has drawn crowds in Westover for years, I was thrilled to see a “now open” sign at its new location this weekend, across from the Arlington Cinema ‘n’ Drafthouse.

Like the original, this one has a menu with scores of specialty pizzas, 50-odd sandwiches, and more beers than I could easily count. My man and I checked it out last night, and to our yummy dinner added a Bad Dog a la Mode brownie sundae to celebrate the opening.

This area of Columbia Pike is being redeveloped, and Lost Dog is one of the first new businesses to open there, in the retail area under the first new condos. So more Lost Dog, less waiting. Oh, happy day!

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Finally–welcome, Bo!

White House photo by Pete Souza

White House photo by Pete Souza

I’m actually really pleased at the way the White House has handled the arrival of the new pup–the post on their blog was understated (“In case anybody was wondering…”) but they must have known that Puppywatch 2009 had been going on since Nov. 2 and people are understandably excited. There was even a minor controversy when a blog leaked a photo before the Washington Post’s exclusive article hit. Hilarious.

So, now that we’ve got an official dog in the White House, can we go back to talking about fixing the economy or even how awesome the rescue of the sea captain from the evil clutches of the pirates was?

Petworth, WTF?!

Thirteen (13!) Pounds of Dog Poo in Petworth

Up in Petworth, we do love our pets – its in our name. But it seems that quite a few Petworthians don’t like being responsible with their dogs. Specifically their dog’s poop. Out in Grant Circle, a prime dog walking spot, I noticed that winter brought on irresponsibility towards scooping the poop. More and more dog feces were left in the Circle by dog owners too lazy to bring a plastic bag.

So a month ago, I walked through Grant Circle and picked up 7 pounds of frozen feces. At the time, many were shocked and some even doubted that 7lbs figure. Well on Saturday, I repeated the poop scoop adventure and shocked even myself:

To those who may wonder why I would scoop other’s poop, I was thinking of the weekend’s warm spell, and the smell of all that poop, defrosted. I detest cleaning up after irresponsibility just a bit less than the disgust of a public health hazard in my neighborhood.

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Petworth People: Scoop Your Poop!

Photo by Tilly Dog Fauxtografix

Photo by Tilly Dog Fauxtografix

I just picked up seven pounds of frozen dog feces in Grant Circle and I’m disgusted. Not (yet) with the stench of all that crap when the spring thaw happens, but with the laziness of my neighbourhood’s dog owners.

How hard is it to pick up your pooch’s poop?

You already have too many plastic shopping and newspaper bags in your kitchen. You’re right there when your dog drops a load. Now bend over a pick that sh*t up!

If you think it is too gross, or you’re just too plain lazy, may you step in hot, stinky dog poop come summer. And may you be barefoot too.

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Help! DC Dog Whisperers Needed

Caged, the taxi dog is all depression and disappointment

Caged, the Taxi Dog is all depression and disappointment

In May we adopted Taxi from the Washington Animal Rescue League, where she’d languished for three months after her previous owner returned her (1). As soon as we adopted her, we got her service animal registration done as we never wanted to leave her alone at home when we went out.

Usually she is a very happy dog. She loves to run at the now-closed Clark School and she even loves Dog Beach, but she hates to be alone. When we leave the house for important nearby chores she goes into fits of separation anxiety that are heart-wrenching. Just watch her freak out when I left for a mid-day meeting:

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