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An Open Letter to Mr. Metro Music Lover

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‘Day 309, Project 365 – 8.29.10’
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At first I can only hear a faint scratchy sound, while I’m perusing my morning Express, peacefully on my way to work. Then it becomes a louder sound. One that registers… it sounds vaguely familiar…is that…no…it can’t be… Miley Cyrus? I look around, expecting to see a tourist teenage girl, and see you, Mr. Metro Music Lover, blasting your “Party in the USA” through your headphones so loud that the entire train can sing along to your dream and cardigan. Folks on the train look up, glancing at you, hoping that you’ll notice that the ENTIRE CAR is now unwillingly subjected to your pre-8 a.m. dance party.

And after a fade out, I hear glorious silence. I don’t really care that you don’t value your eardrums while you punish it with $50 quality headphones, this is your own choice, but I do value my sound space on a silent metro car in the morning. Surely a little bit more time of calm helps as we combat the stressful hours of the day. As I relax into the white noise of a typical metro trip, it happens again. The song switches, this time to some rhythm-based electronic. More folks get off the car. You’re bopping along now, oblivious to the evil eyes of strangers. And while you, Mr. Music Lover, may need some Jersey-Shore style house music to get you pumped for a long day of coffee sipping and Excel spreadsheets, I prefer the calming lull of the trains and the inane tourist babble.

So my note to you, sir, is this: TURN IT DOWN.




Respectfully yours,


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New Venue: U Street Music Hall

photo by Sam Vasfi.

Two of the hardest working DJs in DC, Will Eastman and Jesse Tittsworth, are about to drop a bomb on U Street in the form of their new 300-capacity nightclub, U Street Music Hall. Destined to become one of DC’s best dance destinations, U Street Music Hall is located at 1115 U Street NW in the very cool, basement space vacated by Cue Bar.

Eastman and Tittsworth have taken over the space and cleared everything out to make room for a massive, 60-foot long, wooden dance floor (built over cork for extra bounce and comfort), a gigantic DJ booth that is “larger than some venues in DC”, and a 40,000 Watt sound-system that is designed to “physically compel you to dance”.
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“Fists of Fury” Dance Night!

Hallway, Rock and Roll Hotel

Helmet, Pantera, The Clash, Minor Threat, Fugazi, Slayer, Dead Kennedys, Big Black, Jawbox, Bad Religion, Mastodon.

Like the sound of that?

The “Fists of Fury” DJs debut tonight at Rock and Roll Hotel, spinning enough underground rock, metal and punk to get your hearts pounding and bodies slamming. Just don’t actually throw a punch, ok? It’s free, 9pm to close, at the upstairs bar. Let the mid-week mayhem begin.