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Wall Puts Up Career High 38 Points, McGee Showboats In Loss To Rockets

In between the 3rd and 4th quarter of today’s Washington Wizards match against the Houston Rockets, Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like An Eagle” filled the Verizon Center. I thought it was fitting since it is the first track on the Space Jam soundtrack and coach Flip Saunders recently commented that the team, “looked like ‘Space Jam’ where everyone lost all their talents and couldn’t do anything there for a while.”

Listening to those lyrics it was very clear that for the Wizards time was indeed slipping as the Wizards lost the game 106-114.

John Wall reached a career high 38 points including 18 in the final quarter but the Wizards couldn’t catch back up after keeping it competitive in the first half. Wall looked aggressive, attacked the hoop, and landed a spectacular dunk in the third quarter.

Wall wasn’t the only Wizards slamming the boards today, JaVale McGee had several highlight worthy finishes including a second half dunk that caught Flip’s eye- not for good reason however.

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Wizards Shutdown Rockets In Wall’s First Career Triple-Double

There was so much about last night’s game that reminded me of last Tuesday’s home opener.

A marquee match-up: this time around it was a Yao vs. Yi Chinese face-off.

A game after a notable embarrassment: a notably terrible practice that caused Coach Saunders to flip out.

An energy about John Wall that excited the crowd.

Well  I suspect every game will have that sort of anticipation.

What was also the similar to last Tuesday’s opener was the result: a win for the Wizards and another achievement for rookie John Wall. However that’s where the similarities end.

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