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We Love Music: Deleted Scenes @ Iota Club —11/15/13

Photo Courtesy of Big Hassle

There was an energy in the room at Iota Club Friday night just before Deleted Scenes took the stage. Local alt-rockers Young Rapids started things off with a performance showcasing their musicianship and Canadian rock band The Grounders continued suit with a precise performance but the crowd made it quite obvious who they were at Iota to see by the night’s end.

Deleted Scenes played a wide-range of previously released material and fan favorites like “Bed Bed Bed Bed” as well as selections from their upcoming record Lithium Burn. Closer to the end of their set, lead singer and Olney, Md. native Dan Scheuerman found himself in the middle of the crowd which ended up being one of the night’s most memorable moments. One second he’s bending over the vocal stage monitor in front of his mic stand singing as if there was no tomorrow and the next second he’s crowd-surfing in the front three rows of people being “air-lifted” back to the stage. The crowd gladly obliged as they became vicarious members of the band if even just for a moment.

Bass player Matt Dowling took a few minutes to follow up with We Love DC about Friday’s show and what it felt like to be back in the DC area.

How did it feel to play back in the DC area after some time away?

It’s always great for us to play DC. Prior to last month’s show with the D-Plan, it had been a while. Getting to do both that show at 9:30, and then this one at Iota has been a really fun/fortunate double-header in DC. Continue reading

Music, The Features, We Love Music

We Love Music: A Q&A with Wes Tucker & the Skillets

Photo Courtesy of Wes Tucker

Wes Tucker’s a guy who counts his blessings. He still remembers falling in love with Iota Club and Café in Arlington when he first moved to the D.C. area nine years ago. If memory serves him right, Iota was the first place he saw a show and the first open mic he played in upon moving here. “They really care about the music there and they care about people too,” he said. So you can imagine the excitement he exhibits while talking about his band’s album release show there this Saturday night.

His group Wes Tucker and the Skillets is a folk-rock band that sounds somehow reminiscent of Josh Kelley if he were to combine forces with Willie Nelson while having a R&B influenced band with funk tendencies to back ‘em. This is what you get with the band’s new album Afterlens – funktry. What’s funktry? Well, I’m not 100% sure about that but Wes certainly is and he took the time to chat with We Love DC about the band’s release (their fourth studio effort together) and more. Here’s what he had to say. Continue reading