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"To Go Against the Church is to Go Against God"
“To go against the church is to go against God” by andrade✖cobain

Every so often a camera phone can grab a truly stunning shot, as happened with andrade✖cobain‘s iPhone shot of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Dupont Circle. City lights shining into clouds light the church in the dead of night. The grain from the high sensitivity of the camera’s sensor shape it into a fantastic glimpse into space, with millions of stars backlighting the church. DC’s light pollution obviously prevents any such spectacular stargazing from ever actually happening, making andrade✖cobain‘s shot all that more unique. Well done.

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Ben’s Chilli Bowl, There’s An App For That … On The Way

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‘Just what I wanted’

Can I get an iPhone App with my half-smoke? Pretty soon you can.

Son of the late Ben of Ben’s Chili Bowl, Nizam Ali, is looking for you tech-savvy DC residents to develop the latest in Chilli eating technology.

The Washington Examiner reports that Ali hopes that the contest designed for people who know and love Ben’s will encourage them to share their good ideas for what the app should be.

Final contest rules and guidelines aren’t set in stone, but the date is – April 5.

If you want to be the one to create an iPhone app for a 50-year-old business, get to thinking! Opportunity is a-knockin’.

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iPhone Metro Times app contest: The Funny Part

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Find a Metro DC

Thanks to the generosity of John B, the author of the Find a Metro DC [iTunes], we’ve got five application codes to give away for his iPhone app. I’ve decided to do it in three parts. The first contest will start right now and run 24 hours. At the end of it we’ll give away one code. Then we’ll do another one for another 24 hours and another code. Friday we’ll give away three more codes – one more random selection as well as the two winning story entries.

So that’s the contest? The bare minimum you have to do is post a comment here – you can just say “gimmie” if you want, just make sure you enter a valid email address for us to contact you if you win. That puts your name in the hat for the day’s random drawing as well as Friday’s random pick.

If you want a shot at the “bonus round” then just tell us your best mass transit story. You can do one in each theme.

Today’s theme is funny. What’s the most amusing thing that you’ve seen on the Metro or a bus? Circulator and Fairfax buses are fair game too.

UPDATE And we have a winner! Random.org, given a choice between 1 and 32, spat up the number 16. Congratulations Cia, I’ll be emailing you the code shortly. The additional random pick and story pick will happen Friday and be announced in their own post.

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Metro iPhone app, with bus times

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Find a Metro DC

When I wrote about WaPo’s questionable iPhone app choice earlier, reader JW said he’d like to see Nextbus functionality incorporated into an app. Ask and ye shall receive – John popped up to say that he’d added exactly that into his app, Find a Metro DC, and it was just waiting on Apple’s approval.

Well, Apple has now approved it so you can go grab it now. I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet but the bus times is a nice feature that my current metro app doesn’t offer. John also said that he’s got support for you to pick your 3 favorite spots for quick access, a feature I wouldn’t want to give up from my current app.

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A better iPhone Metro app

Photo courtesy of Me

courtesy of Me

Sunday’s WaPo had an article about online transit tools, including mention of an iPhone app for Metro times. I already had one but I thought I’d drop the $1 to see if the one they mention, iTrans DC Metro, was better. It was not.

If you’re of a mind to spend a buck on a tool for metro times – and I have found it worthwhile – grab iMetroMap DC instead. [Confusingly, it shows the above-pictured name once installed] While it currently lack one feature that iTrans DC Metro has – location awareness to tell you where the closest stop is – it has several others that are far more useful. In particular the ‘favorites’ option where you can have the stations you need information on most often.

There seem to be plenty of others out there – any of you have one you prefer over either the Post’s suggestion or mine?

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Should I Switch to Verizon?

Fountain Feet by me

I’ve been a loyal AT&T/Cingular customer for many, many years now and I have no major complaints really.  Sure, sometimes my calls get dropped when I drive under certain bridges in town, but overall I’ve been a happy customer and I love the idea of rollover minutes (even though I never seem to use them).

I’m also a gadget junky.  I’ve been reading about the Samsung Omnia for months now which was rumored to be released by AT&T in the US market.  Unfortunately it was not and Verizon is the only carrier offering the phone.  I suppose I could buy it unlocked on eBay and continue to use AT&T, but the easier thing to do might be to switch to Verizon.

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