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Midnight Madness At E St. Cinema – Back To The Future

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If you haven’t heard of Midnight Madness at E St. Cinema by now, I can’t even be mad … I just feel bad that you’ve been missing out on a totally awesome experience for far too long. That is why I feel it is my duty to fill you in the details.

E St. Cinema hosts weekly Friday/Saturday night midnight showings of the oldie-but-goodie films that we’ve learned to love throughout the years. Tonight’s movie is a personal favorite of mine — Back to the Future. The show starts at the stroke of midnight (if you’ve got a Cinderella complex, I suggest another movie-going option). If you miss tonight’s show, there’s always tomorrow, but keep in mind this is a golden opportunity to see Michael J. Fox rip it up to Johnny B Good on the big screen so I suggest not squandering the chance.

For a full list of upcoming Midnight Madness movies at E St. Cinema, visit their website.